Gingerbreads did not want extra-time

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GINGERBREADS joint boss Wayne Hallcro said that despite Grantham Town being knocked out of the league cup on Tuesday night, what concerned himself and Jimmy Albans was the fact that the game went to extra-time when they were trying to rest players ahead of tomorrow’s FA Cup tie at Chasetown.

Hallcro said: “We didn’t want to play extra-time. We wanted to rest some players and get some football into others, but we cold have done without it being two hours of football.”

Hallcro said that Quorn had played a lot better than when the two sides had met in the league a few weeks ago, which made for a watchable game.

Town lost 3-0, conceding all three goals in the second half of extra-time.

Hallcro said: “They played to their strengths and got the ball forward quickly and supported the front two.

“We weren’t as clinical as we could have been with our finishing. At times we lacked just getting a toe on the end of something.”

With the FA Cup at the back of their minds, Town’s management duo made wholesale changes to the starting line-up on Tuesday and Hallcro said they felt it had been a success.

He praised the performance of Niall O’Rafferty as well as that of Tom Maddison and Joe Ward. Steve Melton is not 100 per cent fit which is why he was brought off the pitch.

Hallcro said: “The performances have given us some things to think about for Saturday and put us under some pressure. We have got a number of players who are all hitting form at the right time.

“Both Jimmy and I expect them [Chasetown] to be a big, strong side who will look to get the ball forward early, but they will play a bit of football too looking at the players they have got.

“We have been underdogs in ties before and sometimes that is better for us. We tend to get out there with a ‘nothing to lose, give it a go’ type of attitude.

“We always get a lift from big games, but at the same time we need to relax a bit more.

“If we can deliver crosses like we did on Tuesday, we will be in with a chance.”