GRANTHAM TOWN: Hallcro speaks...

Grantham Town co-manager Wayne Hallcro.
Grantham Town co-manager Wayne Hallcro.
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GRANTHAM Town co-manager Wayne Hallcro talks about Monday’s 3-2 win over Brigg Town, this weekend’s visit of Romulus and much more...


The 3-2 win away to Brigg Town.

“Brigg are on a good run at the moment and you could tell they had some good momentum to the way they played. They are like us in some ways in that they are doing things which clearly work for them.

“They did a good job on us early on. They did things to try and upset our way of playing and the referee let them get some hefty challenges in, particularly on Paul Grimes with no consequences for them.

“Our reaction was totally professional on the pitch, from all the lads. We got on with trying to play our game, but looked after ourselves and each other as well when we had to.

“Ben got involved in the game a lot and as the game went on, we got on top of their defence.”


The challenges for the rest of the season

“For the second half of the season, we might need to do something a bit different again to make opponents think. Some sides will be thinking that they know how to stop us playing. We will need to react to that and make sure that we make them think about us even more.

“Tony Battersby, for example, gives us an alternative because of the way he brings other players into the game. He plays the same role as Ben, but slightly different.

“We could be using that more to break teams down as we did at Brigg. Batts kept the ball well and looked after it in the final third.”


Morale at The Meres and new faces

“We have clearly got belief in ourselves, even late in games. It is a good habit to be in when you are committing players forward late in the second half. The players on the bench were there to make the changes we needed when we needed to make them. We went onto the front foot and got the result.

“We played across the front of their defence in the first half. After the break, we were more direct with our running.

One of the things needed when a club is in the position we are in, is good players in the squad.

“Chris Glarvey is a great example of a player with the right attitude and approach. We know he will fit straight into the dressing room. Footballers like to be part of a winning set-up and that wasn’t happening at Stocksbridge. Chris knows what the standards are that we expect at Grantham and is more than willing to fight for a starting shirt.

“We want players who want to play for Grantham. Both Glarvs and Canny are like that. Cany is sowing in everything that he does that he wants to be at Grantham for the right reasons. He wants to learn to do things the way we do them.”


Injuries and selection

“Gio has been carrying a bit of a knock for a few weeks now, so needed the rest to give him the best chance of being involved against Romulus.

“He has been playing with it as he wants to be involved and doesn’t want to give someone else the chance to take his shirt from him. That is why we took him off at half time, his groin injury was making him struggle a bit, so we changed it.

“I expect he will be ready for Saturday. Paul Grimes has a rib injury from one of the challenges on Monday, but he also should be fit.”


The visit of Romulus this Saturday

“We will make a couple of calls to find out what we can about Romulus, but we do think that you can do too much work about the opposition. Our focus will remain on doing what we do.

“Their season looks to have been a disappointment after last time around. It may be that playing on plastic one week, then grass the next is causing them some problems.

“They will possibly be more worried about what we might do to them than the other way round, but there is certainly no room for complacency in our game.”