Keith Horton resigns as chief executive of Grantham Town Football Club

Keith Horton
Keith Horton
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The chief executive of Grantham Town Football Club has resigned, citing disagreements with board members over the club’s future among his reasons for throwing in the towel.

Keith Horton resigned “with great sadness” from the post on Monday. He has issued a statement on his resignation.

In it, he said: “Over recent weeks it has been obvious to me that the football board of directors do not share my vision for the future of the club and particularly the future for the Gingerbreads.”

He went on to say: “I have been very clear from the start of my involvement that restoring the credibility and profile of the club would take time after all the years of decline. We have, I believe, seen a fragile recovery of the club which has generated a small, albeit very important, return to some commercial value of the club within the Grantham business community.”

Mr Horton praised the “warm welcome” shown by all Gingerbread supporters, “especially members of the Supporters Club committee”.

He added: “It has been a great pleasure to have been involved and a great pity that I will not be able to continue the strategic development of the club. I will not name anyone individually but I have certainly enjoyed the friendship of the wider Grantham family who stand or indeed sit in the stadium week after week to continue their long-standing support of the club.

“Also, special thanks to Adam and the football management team. Grantham is extremely fortunate to have the calibre of football management staff that we have and they will bring success on the pitch as they follow their desired pathway of creating a strong youth development policy. Our partnership with the college in creating the Football Development Centre has certainly got off to a far better start than any of us ever anticipated and bodes well for the future of player development.

“Thank you once again for all the support and I certainly look forward to watching some games during the remainder of the season. So it is hopefully not really a final goodbye, more au revoir.”