YOUTH FOOTBALL: Great Ponton U15 bounce back to win after two-goal deficit

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Midlincs Youth Football League

Birchwood Colts U15 2

Great Ponton U15 6

Great Ponton kicked off and tried to push Birchwood back into their own half.

Despite some great runs down the wings from Ponton, it was Birchwood that managed to gain the upper hand when their striker made a sudden break and slotted the ball past the keeper from close range.

Ponton got straight back into the game and tried to push forward for the equaliser. Unfortunately, this left them with gaps that Birchwood took full advantage of and scored their second of the game.

Ponton never looked defeated but instead showed pure determination as they turned the game around. A shot from Josh Crane was saved by the keeper, but picked up by Kian Hodgkinson who fired the ball into the back of the net.

Two minutes later, some outstanding one touch football from the half way line saw Crane bring the score line level.

On Ponton’s final attack of the first half, the Birchwood keeper came out too far and missed the save he was trying to reach, forcing a Birchwood outfield player to handball on the goal line, but somehow the ball still ended up in the back of the net.

Celebrations were cut short when the referee decided to award a penalty instead of a goal. Captain Jaydon Devine stepped up to put Ponton ahead with a perfectly placed spot kick.

The second half started as the first ended with Ponton fully in control of the game.

Despite a fantastic performance from the Birchwood keeper, he was often too far out of his goal and was punished for this when Crane’s shot from just inside the Birchwood half lobbed the custodian and extended Ponton’s lead.

The Ponton defence worked tirelessly throughout the game, giving the keeper little to worry about. Left back Jack Croft made a superb run from the back and was spotted by Devan Glover who laid the ball off to him with perfect finesse, allowing Croft to run through the Birchwood defence and score.

The midfield duo of Glover and Connor Hodgkinson did not stop battling the whole game, supporting both the strikers with killer passes and the defence when needed. C. Hodgkinson found himself with the ball on the edge of the box and, with no hesitation, beat two players before slotting the ball tidily into the bottom corner.

Man of the match was Devan Glover.

Great Ponton: Tilbury, Bilton, Wing, Harvey, Croft, O. Devine, Glover, C. Hodgkinson, K. Hodgkinson, Crane, J. Devine (c), Harrison.