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Harrowby United president treated on his 99th birthday from his home in Grantham

Harrowby United’s club president has said how much he is looking forward to getting back to the clubhouse at Dickens Road, following his 99th birthday.

Cliff Kirk celebrated his milestone birthday on Valentine’s Sunday from home, with the Arrows committee delivering him a hamper which included his favourite chocolate and whiskey.

Having joined the Harrowby committee back in 1995, Cliff was club chairman for over 20 years, before becoming president.

Cliff Kirk turned 99 on February 14. (44445782)
Cliff Kirk turned 99 on February 14. (44445782)

Cliff told the Journal that he had enjoyed his birthday “very much,” and appreciated the hamper given to him by Harrowby. He said: “It was very nice, some chocolates, whiskey, it was quite a good hamper, very nice.

“It has [been tough] really, not being able to get out, and not being able to go up to the club most night’s for my whiskey. I do miss going up, definitely.”

Cliff can be hopeful of returning to his normal involvement with the club, having already had his first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, and his second due on March 8.

Cliff said that he was looking forward to seeing the improvements that had been made to the club facilities over the past 12 months.

He said: “It’s a big improvement. They’ve done a damn good job and I appreciate it. I mean they’ve worked hard during this lockdown this committee.

“They’ve done the club house, decorated again, re-done the seats, got new chairs and tables and they’ve made a good job of it.

“They’ve done the outside and put a fence all around the pitch, it looks really good. They’ve really done well.

“We had some struggles at times. I hope when we get open, people will come and support the club a bit more, because they deserve it after what they’ve done.

“I can’t stress it enough that what they’ve done, they’ve done very well. I keep telling Mick that he’s done a good job. It’s the best I’ve ever seen it.”

Arrows chairman, Michael Atter said: “I first went to [Harrowby United] in 1997, and Cliff was there then. He’s been there ever since, and he’s there most nights. It’s brilliant what he’s done over the years.

“Obviously, being the age he is now, he can’t do as much as he used to, but he does what he can.

“Cliff’s been part of the furniture, he’s just always there. He would still help out when he can, that’s the type of bloke he is. He’s spot on.”

In a statement wishing Cliff a happy birthday, the club said: “Still involved and regularly seen at the club, whiskey in hand, we value all the support Cliff has given Harrowby over the years.

“From the committee, the managers and players past and present we wish you the happiest of birthdays and we will celebrate with you when we can.”

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