ANGLING: Campbell catch wins Grantham AA seniors’ match

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Grantham Angling Association’s senior citizens match was played at Simon’s Pond, Fulbeck airfield.

Results: 1 D. Campbell 17lb 0oz 0dr, 2 D. Maelzer 7.00.08, 3 B. Baines 3.00.08.

Bottesford and District AA’s club match was fished at Willow Lakes (Chestnut), Foston.

Results: 1 D. Scott 40.04.00, 2 M. Calcraft 39.00.00, 3 D. Hicklin 32.04.00.

The next match is the Bottesford Open on Grantham Canal next Sunday (May 8), with a 9am draw at the Muston Gap.