ANGLING: Cool water affects catches in latest Bottesford sweep

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Bottesford and District Angling Association’s fifth Grantham Canal sweepstake match was held on Friday night on the Belvoir Fruit Farm stretch.

All the rain in the week leading up to the night affected the catches due to the cooler water temperature.

Nine club anglers participated and all caught fish, with the match being won by Mick Calcraft.

Results: 1 Mick Calcraft 2lb 10oz, 2 Rob Perkins 2:02, 3 Paul Gilbert 1:02.

The latests club match was held at Stretton Lakes on Sunday, with 13 members attending.

The weather was warm, sunny and breezy and, although all anglers caught fish, the fishing was difficult on some of the pegs.

John Harrison won the match by a large margin with a mainly carp haul.

Results: 1 John Harrison 77:04, 2 Alan Howe 35:12, 3 Nick Pounder 27:00.

The sixth evening sweepstake will be held today (Friday) on the half-mile stretch. The next club match will be held on Grantham Canal next Sunday (July 16).

For match entries, contact match secretary Bryan Baines on 01400 318345 or 07538 876131, or for membership information check out the Association website at