ANGLING: Fisher wins Bottesford sweepstake series

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Bottesford and District Angling Association’s eighth and final Friday sweepstake was won convincingly by N. Fisher who clinched the series with a total of 14 points.

Runner-up overall with 21 was A. Howe and C. George (23) was third.

Results: 1 N. Fisher 17lb 12oz 0dr, 2 D. Hicklin 6.10.09, 3 C. George 5.14.08, 4 B. Baines 3.06.09.

Sunday’s match at Portland Waters produced some impressive hauls of fish, with J. Harrison coming out on top.

Results: 1 J. Harrison 71.12.00, 2 D. Scott 64.00.00, 3 S. King 61.04.00, 4 A. Howe 56.00.00.

The next match is Grantham Angling Association and Bottesford DAA versus Collingham at Milliennium Ponds on August 11. The draw will take place at the White Hart, North Scarle, at 9am.