ANGLING: Foster wins final Bottesford sweep

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Bottesford and District Angling Association’s eighth and final Friday sweepstake of the season was won by D. Foster.

Results: 1 D. Foster 5lb 3oz 6dr, 2 B. Baines 5.03.00, 3 A. Howe 3.11.12, 4 P. Lakin 3.01.12, 5 P. Gilbert 2.01.12, 6 B. Cross 2.01.00.

Overall series winner was A. Howe with 18 points. Runneer-up was B. Baines on 20, with D. Hicklin (22) taking third.

l The association’s match at at Foston produced a haul of fish fromWillows Lakes.

Results: 1 A. Howe 84.08.00, 2 B. Watchorn 78.00.00, 3 S. Fisher 67.08.00, 4 J. Harrison 61.08.00, 5 D. Scott 56.00.00, 6 M. Calcraft 50.00.00.

l The next match is Grantham AA and Bottesford versus Collingham which takes place at Milliennium Ponds on August 10.