ANGLING: Junior Adam wins Grantham AA final

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Grantham Angling Association’s Junior Final was won by Adam Clark on Saturday with a splendid catch weighing in at 24lb 3oz.

Runner-up with 14.10 was William Conway, whilst James Graham (3.12) finished third.

GAA junior manager Alf Taylor expressed thanks to sponsors KCM Kitchen Designs, Tinda Lee Recovery, Grantham MoT Centre and McDonald’s for their generous donations.

l GAA’s latest senior citizens’ match was fished on Grantham Canal at Denton.

Results: 1 B. Priestley 13.10.00, 2 D. Foster 12.12.00, 3 C. Hardingham 4.03.00, 4= D. Maelzer 4.00/B. Cross 4.00.00.

l Bottesford and District AA’s sixth Friday sweepstake took place last week.

Results: 1 R. Perkins 13.13.00, 2 J. Brockway 3.12.04, 3 B. Baines 2.05.00, 4 N. Fisher 1.10.08.