ANGLING: Senior citizens battle it out on Grantham Canal

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Grantham Angling Association’s latest senior citizens’ match took place on Grantham Canal at Casthorpe.

The match was won by D. Maelzer with a haul of just under 8lb.

Results: 1 D. Maelzer 7.14.00, 2 J. Barthorpe 5.00.00, 3 B. Cross 3.04.00, 4 D. Campbell 2.00.00.

Bottesford and District AA’s open match was fished on Grantham Canal at Woolsthorpe and Stenwith, and won by N. Fisher who hit a double figure catch.

Results: 1 N. Fisher 10.09.00, 2 M. D’Caccia 6.01.00, 3 Brian Cross 5.15.00.

The next match is at Willow Lakes (Hawthorn), Foston, next Sunday (May 26). Pegs limited, book early.