BADMINTON: Bottesford clinch ladies’ title for second year

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Melton League

BOTTESFORD became Ladies’ Division One champions for the second successive year.

A 5-4 victory away to Mars, with three wins for the pair of Sally Brown and Shirley Stevenson, took them with an unassailable lead at the top. Sally and Shirley won all 11 games they played this year, only dropping one set, the the team remained unbeaten all season.

In Men’s Division One, a top of the table clash saw Belvoir defeat Mars A in the last game, with captain Andy Burdett and Jon Hume picking up the ninth rubber against Lee Cuthbert and Gavin Watkin. Belvoir have a 14-point lead on Mars with one game more to play, but Mars still have three games remaining.

Relegated Belvoir B, who could only field two pairs, were defeated 8-1 by Melton OGs in Mixed Division One. Title contenders Grantham lost 6-3 away against Staveley Amateurs in Mixed Division Two.

Bottesford triumphed in the Ray Ayto Cup at the weekend. The team, comprising Linda Hallam, Sally Brown, Stephen Moyses and Tom Holmes won all of their games. In second place were Belvoir who narrowly lost the decisive mixed match 21-18 against Bottesford, but won their other two games 3-0. Mars finished third and Radmoor fourth.


Ladies’ Division One

Mars 4

Bottesford 5

Marie Jones and Jane Scatchard lost to Linda Hallam and Irene Jones 16-21, 13-21; beat Nicky Newman and Heidi Scott-Smith 15-21, 21-17, 21-9; lost to Sally Brown and Shirley Stevenson 8-21, 8-21; Steph Pick and Sharon Chapman won 21-14, 21-19; won 21-10, 21-14; lost 9-21, 4-21; Sandra Watson and Tracey White lost 23-21, 14-21, 10-21; won 21-10, 21-8; lost 10-21, 12-21.

Men’s Division One

Mars A 4

Belvoir 5

Adam Hirst and Barry Pick beat Paul Stapleford and Phill Pugh 21-18, 21-12; beat Tony Gough and Paul Haynes 21-12, 21-17; beat Andy Burdett and Jon Hume 21-14, 21-7; Lee Cuthbert and Gavin Watkin lost 19-21, 21-14, 14-21; won 16-21, 21-9, 21-16; lost 14-21, 15-21; James Eccles and Nigel Radford lost 8-21, 13-21; lost 21-23, 16-21; lost 11-21, 12-21.

Mixed Division One

Belvoir B 1

Melton OGs 8

Ally Haynes and Paul Haynes lost to Julia Cunniffe and Tom Easom 12-21, 17-21; beat Margaret Roskell and Dave Hemens 21-19, 16-21, 21-18; lost to Eileen Merrison and Nigel Lewis 21-14, 14-21, 10-21; Karen Mabbott and Andy Burdett lost 6-21, 14-21; lost 10-21, 21-15, 8-21; lost 10-21, 12-21; (Home concede) (Home concede) (Home concede).

Mixed Division Two

Oakham 9 - Belvoir Bottesford A 0

(Belvoir Bottesford A concede)

Staveley Amateurs A 6

Grantham 3

Carolyn Sayers and Paul Ward beat Laura Graves and Toby Mills 21-9, 21-14; beat Sonal Modi and Rob Scarbough 24-22, 21-19; beat Anna Howbrook and Martin Chambers 21-10, 21-10; Jackie Ellis and Richard Lee won 21-18, 21-11; won 23-21, 21-8; won 19-21, 21-12, 21-7; Claire Biggadyke and Graham Hyman lost 20-22, 17-21; lost 15-21, 8-21; lost 21-17, 9-21, 19-21.