BADMINTON: Grantham men’s firsts whitewash Lincoln Albion

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Grantham Badminton Club men’s first team took on a two-pair Lincoln Albion team at home in Division One.

Grantham triumphed 9-0 with Nick Gill playing with Jon Ashley, Chung Chan with Jack Railton and Ben Johnson with Ryan Curtis.

The men’s third string endured a hard home match against Crossed Rackets in Division Two.

Carl Jennings with Will Saddler did well to win two rubbers, new young player Marko with Will Tse showed plenty of potential to pick up one of their rubbers, whilst captain Mike Poyser with Rob Scarborough had a three ender, but failed to convert this to a rubber. Final score, 6-3 to Crossed Rackets.

A depleted mixed second team had to take two pairs to Lincoln Albion but almost pulled off an unlikely win with the plastic shuttlecocks.

Jaz Gilbert, Jon Ashley, Martin Peat and Sandra Jennings played, all pairs winning two rubbers from three.