BADMINTON: Mixed bag for Grantham players

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Grantham Badminton Club men’s first team played Cross O’ Cliff at home on Friday and lost 6-3.

Nick Gill and Jon Ashley won two, Jack Railton and Chung Chan won one and lost a close one in three, Ben Johnson and Ryan didn’t take any but also lost a close one in three.

They also played Cross O’ Cliff 2nd last Wednesday. Paul Mayfield and Ryan Curtis won three, Chung Chan and Jack Railton won two and Martin Chambers and Jon Ashley won one to seal a 6-3 victory.

Grantham ladies’ first team were at home to Cross O’ Cliff and away to Cross O’ Cliff 2nd this week in Division One.

At home, a Grantham comprising Jaz Gilbert, Susie Dilloway, Kerry Durham and Bex Davison lost 5-1, but away the team of Jaz Gilbert, Maria Hart, Susie Dilloway and Kerry Durham achieved a whitewash, winning 6-0.

Grantham men’s third string played away at Westside 2nd in Division Two.

The team comprised Adrian Ackroyd with Will Saddler who picked up one rubber, Rob Scarborough with Will Tse who failed to score, and captain Mike Poyser with Anthony Fletcher who also scored a rubber in a 7-2 defeat.