BODYBUILDING: Grantham’s Holly finishes second in Kettering show

Holly Allen
Holly Allen
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Holly Allen competed in the Mr Apollo and Miss Bikini Bodybuilding Show in Kettering.

It was a tough line-up and all competitors were in top shape, having spent months getting ready for this one event.

In only her second ever show, Holly even found time to get married to her fiance Steven while in full preparation, making it even harder to get ready for the big day on the stage. But she kept her focus and determination and pulled through.

She spent all day starving with no fluids until 40 minutes before going on stage when it is ‘pump up time’, and a little food helps to get the muscles big and swollen.

Holly walked on stage first and performed her amazing routine which, again, was the best of the show.

After all the girls had completed their routines it was the judging element, with mandatory poses followed by muscle poses.

Despite the tough opposition, Holly was awarded second place and won a nice trophy for her efforts.