BOWLS: Annual Belvoir match drawn for first time

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Vale of Belvoir Bowling League’s annual President’s Match was played at Knipton Bowls Club on Sunday.

A representative side playing for this year’s league president Keith Noble drew 85 shots to 85 with Long Bennington, last year’s three-wood champions, in difficult weather conditions.

It was the first time in the competition’s history that the match ended in a draw.


Wyndham Park 54

Wymeswold 44

Wyndham names first – S. Brandom, D. Abernethy and B. Roberts beat J. Maunsel, J. Myring and T. Richard 19-10; I. Ludwig, A. Ludwig and B. Tilley lost to B. Ward, M. Belsham and T. Trantor 5-14; S. Dawes, J. McKee and B. Roberts beat C. Laserra, R. Yeomans and S. Myring 16-10; P. Riches, T. Hinman and M. Cardwell beat M. James, B. Myring and I. Hollick 14-10.

Wyndham Park 80

Bottesford 51

Wyndham names first – S. Dawes, N. Pantling and I. Howlett beat S. Reek, R. Barnes and J. Millington 24-15; P. Emmett, J. McKee and B. Roberts beat E. Sargent, D. Slater and B. Shores 19-11; S. Brandom, D. Abernethy and B. Roberts beat P. Hewitt, M. Payne and R. Payne 23-10; I. Ludwig, A. Ludwig and M. Cardwell lost to P. Palmer, B. Hawes and A. Palmer 14-15.

Grantham League


Vacu-Lug A 67

Vacu-Lug B 75

Vacu-Lug A names first – I. Hill, B. McLean and J. Franklin lost to S. Balfe, I. Kettle and I. Robotham 10-23; A. Blackburn and R. Atter beat D. Cryer and C. Abbott 24-16; A. Parker, D. Lightfoot and B. Allen lost to P. Riches, F. Atter and P. Balfe 11-19; P. Musson and K. Lilley beat M. Allen and S. Odams 22-17.


Corby Glen 48

Vacu-Lug B 45

Corby Glen names first – B. Johnson, J. Boother and B. Powles lost to S. Davies, F. Atter and C. Abbott 14-15; M. Wood, M. Beaton and T. Taylor lost to I. Robotham, R. Barker and M. Allen 16-19; G. Osborne, J. Beaton and J. Simpson beat S. Balfe, J. Nicholson and S. Odams 18-11.

Gonerby A 56

Gonerby B 37

Gonerby A names first – J. Saxby, I. Lord and M. Massingham beat M. Halls, K. Turner and B. Papworth 18-16; R. Tilley, D. Holton and R. Childs beat L. Blankley, R. Barnes and L. Turner 12-11; L. Lord, W. Sneddon and K. Wilson beat J. Prater, G. Edwards and P. Edwards 26-10.

Grantham 81

Colsterworth 40

Grantham names first – J. Duke, L. Anderson and T. Oxley beat M. Robertshaw, K. Hallam, C. Atter 31-12; T. Summer, T. Asher and Joe Lewis beat D. Howitt, K. Atter and K. Harvey 22-17; R. Summer, Jay Lewis and N. Smith beat F. Selby, Karla Atter and B. Sowerby 28-11.