BOWLS: Annual charity game raises cash for charities at Grantham club

Annual charity match.
Annual charity match.
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A charity game between the teams of captains Joe Lewis and Len Payling resulted in a win for the former at Grantham Bowling Club.

The game raised £280 for Joe’s charity – Karl Bullimore (Fix our Father) – and Len’s – Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance.

The game will be played again next year.

Joe Lewis 129

Len Payling 89

B Smith J Kime T Asher A Berridge beat L Smith M Dawes S Dawes G Smith 22-17, L Steptoe G Sharpe J Sharpe Joe Lewis lost to C Goodley Winston L Payling A Stafford 11-24, P Riches J Duke M Payne R Payne beat D Millington B Millington S Barnes J Millington 28-8, J Dempster J Towle J Darkam S Allcorn beat G Taylor R Spence J Campell J Parker 29-13, B Patten R Smith M Bailey Jay Lewis beat R Thornton M Thornton D Ellis T Bungle 29-11, I Ludwig A Ludwig P Carlton D Carlton lost to P Varley F Campbell H McCandless J McCandless 15-16.

This Sunday is the Grantham versus Belvoir Select match. Dress whites, with a buffet.

Grantham League

Three wood

Great Gonerby B 59

Wyndham Park 39

L. Blankley, J. Prater and Phil Edwards beat M. Sharp, Jo Dawes and D. Abernethy 20-8; M. Halls, B. Orridge and P. Jones beat G. Hasnip, B. Shores and T. Oxley 21-13; S. Brittain, L. Turner and B. Papworth drew with J. Dempster, G. Durham and S. Allcorn 18-18.

Great Gonerby B 53

Great Gonerby A 39

M. Halls, B. Papworth and P. Jones lost to J. Saxby, T. Smith and D. Holton 11-16; L. Blankley, P. Carder and P. Edwards beat G. Hutton, D. Graham and M. Massingham 24-8; S. Brittain, L. Turner and K. Turner beat L. Lord, J. White and I. Lord 18-15.

Great Gonerby B 53

Swayfield 62

B. Orridge, B. Papworth and P. Jones beat J. Tuckey, R. Selby and A. Tuckey 26-17; S. Brittain, L. Turner and K. Turner lost to B. Marston, I. Richardson and M. Lyon 3-31; L. Blankley, P. Carder and P. Edwards beat G. Jenkins, J. Bainbridge and N. Davis 24-14.

Hospital Bowl

Vacu-Lug 39

Great Gonerby 54

V. Wandon and G. Taylor lost to P. Jones and B. Papworth 11-17; M. Allen, I. Kettle and Sid R. Tilley beat M. Halls, L. Lord and I. Lord 16-14; C. Streets, G. Davies, K. Streets and P. Balfe lost to L. Turner, J. White, M. Massingham and P. Edwards 12-23.

Belvoir League

Grantham 75

Bottesford 59

J Asher J Kime T Asher beat D Millington J Millington D Patchett 24-11, T Sumner P Newton C Dexter beat P Goodson R Barnes M Emerson 21-17, R Sumner W Johnson Jay Lewis drew with L Wigley S Barnes J Russell 15-15, I Ludwig A Ludwig Joe Lewis lost to C Williams G Owen J Emmerson 15-16.

Lincolnshire EBA

Grantham 38

St Giles 53

B Smith M Bailey A Berridge T Berridge lost to C Stone B Day R Chester I Walker 10-19, T Sumner N Smith C Dexter B Veasey lost to A Buxton J Withers I Tointon C Barks 12-19, Jay Lewis T Asher M Holby Joe Lewis beat D Skayman G Wood A Brunton G Gray 16-15.