BOWLS: Belvoir level four-match series

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Vale of Belvoir Bowling League played the second of a four-match series against the League of Country

Bowling Clubs at Harlaxton Bowls Club on Sunday.

Belvoir League won by 99 shots to 80. The series is now level with one win apiece.

Results (Belvoir names first): L. Payling, P. Carlton and A. Stafford beat J. Morley, R. Hibbert and B. Jex 17-9; N. Drew, K. Drew and J. Parker drew with D. Humpherson, D. Humpherson and T. Murphy 14-14; T. Dennett, C. Goodley and D. Carlton lost to J. Whitt, P. Clark and G. Whitt 11-24; R. Barker, J. Barker and P. Clarke beat R. Thornton, M. Thornton and P. Franklin 17-15; T. Richards, M. Eurich and N. Smith beat D. Osborne, J. Helliwell and G. Osborne 27-9; S. Dawes, G. Taylor and I. Howlett beat P. Seconde, D. Kindness and B. Meanwell 13-9.

ASC Metals League

Grantham 41

Long Bennington 63

J. Duke, R. Sowerby and T. Oxley lost to P. Fordham, G. Hall and S. Brackenbury 10-21; J. Asher, R. Smith and Jay Lewis beat T. Hoole, P. Fordham and N. Smith 23-22; I. Ludwig, B. Hodder and A. Ludwig lost to J. Hall, B. Garton and M. Dring 8-20.

Lincs League

Grantham 40

Moorlands Railway 61

J. Asher, Jay Lewis and T. Berridge lost 11-18; K. Whatmore, T. Asher, J. Kime and N. Smith lost 17-18; J. Duke, W. Johnson, B. Smith and Joe Lewis lost 12-25.

Grantham League

Two Wood

Great Gonerby 72

Swayfield 36

L. Lord, D. Holton and I. Lord beat M. Sharpe, R. Halsey and T. Harwood 24-4; L. Blankley, P. Jones and M. Massingham beat M. Lyon and J. Bainbridge 17-12; P. Edwards and K. Wilson beat B. Marston and H. Mumby 19-13; L. Turner and B. Papworth beat I. Richardson and N. Davis 12-7.

Willoughby Cup

First leg

Harlaxton 57

Swayfield 98

C. Streets, K. Streets and M. Bend beat J. Geeson, J. Huckerby and T. Harwood 19-16; C. Johnson, A. Roberts and P. McHugh lost to B. Johnson, T. Taylor and M. Lyon 8-40; R. Barker, C. Goodley and J. Barker lost to I. Richardson, B. Marston and N. Davis 15-19; J. Tuckey, A. Tuckey and C. Jones lost to M. Sharp, H. Mumby and J. Bainbridge 15-23.

Belvoir League Cup

Grantham 90

Wymeswold 81

B. Thompson, R. Sowerby and T. Oxley won 36-24; B. Hodder, J. Duke and Jay Lewis drew 19-19; J. Asher, T. Asher and T. Berridge won 23-14; T. Gostick, B. Johnson and Joe Lewis lost 12-24.


Freedom & Fellowship

First round

Grantham 105

Swayfield 61

T. Sumner, B. Patten and Joe Lewis beat J. Geeson, R. Halsby and T. Harwood 39-12; J. Duke, R. Sowerby and T. Oxley lost to B. Johnson, T. Taylor and H. Mumby 15-20; I. Ludwig, B. Thompson and A. Ludwig beat M. Lyon and J. Bainbridge 29-10; R. Sumner, T. Asher and Jay Lewis beat B. Marston, I. Richardson and N. Davis 22-19.

Dysart Park 63 Great Gonerby 77.

Hutchinson Cup

First round

T. Dawson AW v K. Lilley CON, 2 T. Smith CON v N. Davis AW, L. Turner 4 P. Edwards 21, T. Ray v bye, B. Papworth 21 D. Holton 11, D. Graham 13 M. Lyon 21, G. Taylor 21 M. Halls 14, M. Durrands 9 P. Musson 21.

Lee Trophy

Great Gonerby 19 Vacu-Lug 2nd 24, Long Bennington 33 Corby Glen 2nd 30, Grantham 46 Swayfield 2nd 24, Great Gonerby 2nd 35 Bottesford 28.