BOWLS: Belvoir suffer heavy defeat

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Sport from the Grantham Journal -, @granthamjournal on Twitter,
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Vale of Belvoir Bowling League

Vale of Belvoir lost heavily to the League of Country Bowling Clubs at Knipton on Sunday.

The result was 128 shots and and five rinks to LCBC, with only 86 shots and one rink to the Belvoir League.

It was the second meeting in the series, with each league having won match apiece. The next match will be at Bottesford on June 30.

Lincs Friday EBA Fours

Grantham 31

Sleaford 66

Jay Lewis, L. Anderson, J. Stanfield and A. Brunton lost 13-18; R. Lewis, S. Harrison, B. Smith and Joe Lewis lost 9-25; T. Sumner, K. Whatmore, T. Oxley and W. Brunton lost 9-23.

Branston 60

Grantham 42

R. Lewis, W. Johnson, T. Oxley and Joe Lewis lost 16-22; B. Smith, L. Anderson, J. Stanfield and A. Brunton lost 9-14; T. Sumner, J. Duke, T. Asher and Jay Lewis won 17-14.

A1 Cup

Grantham 72

Newark 57

J. Asher, D. Rainsford and J. Duke lost 12-17; B. Patten, T. Gostick and T. Asher won 30-12; R. Pastal, H. Orbell and D. Pimm won 14-13; B. Hodder, T. Sumner and B. Thompson won 16-15.

Lincs ASC

Grantham 55

Vacu-Lug 52

Grantham names first - D. Rainsford, D. Pimm and Jay Lewis beat P. Hampshire, B. McLean and J. Cockcroft 21-11; J. Asher, R. Smith and T. Asher beat S. Davies, J. Nicholson and C. Abbott 19-16; B. Hodder, J. Duke and T. Oxley lost to R. Atter, R. Tilley and L. Stafford 15-25.

Grantham Monday League


Grantham 50

Great Gonerby B 37

T. Sumner, T. Asher and Jay Lewis beat L. Blankley, J. Prater and B. Papworth 15-11; R. Sumner, L. Anderson and Joe Lewis beat M. Hayles, T. Davies and P. Edwards 13-12; J. Asher, J. Duke and T. Oxley beat L. Turner, R. Tilley and F. Collins 22-14.

Dysart Park 76

Corby Glen 36

D. Warren, L. Thompson and B. Veasey beat M. Dawson, J. Boother and B. Powles 26-12; P. Newton, R. Smith and M. Helby beat N. Lomas, G. Osborne and J. Beaton 25-13; S. Yates, J. Sayer and C. Dexter beat B. Johnson, K. White and M. Beaton 26-12.

Grantham Friday League

Grantham 53

Great Gonerby 86

Grantham names first - A. Curtis, D. Rainsford and A. Gostick lost to I. Lord, L. Turner and K. Wilson 6-27; B. Patten, H. Orbell and J. Pask beat M. Hall, C. Edwards and R. Childs 14-13; C. Jackson and D. Pimm beat L. Blankley and K. Wilson 24-15; B. Hodder and B. Thompson lost to D. Holton and M. Massingham 9-31.

Swayfield 62

Corby Glen 71

M. Lyon and T. Harwood lost to M. Dawson and T. Taylor 11-23; B. Marston and N. Davis beat B. Johnson and B. Powles 24-15; M. Sharp, R. Halsey and H. Mumby lost to T. Ray, T. Dawson and J. Beaton 11-17; J. Bainbridge, J. Huckerby and W. Flowers drew with N. Lomas, K. Gardner and M. Beaton 16-16.

Downtown Superstore Trophy

First round

I. Lord lost to B. Papworth 12-22, A. Stafford - bye, J. Simpson AW v S. Brackenbury CON, T. Gostick lost to M. Dawson 14-18, M. Beaton - bye, C. Dexter AW v A. Brunton CON, D. Woods CON v S. Harwood AW, P. Jordan lost to Jay Lewis 15-24, B. Powell beat R. Sowerby 15-12, M. Massingham beat I. Kettle 25-6, L. Turner lost to D. Warren 6-23, C. Abbott beat T. Oxley 20-6, R. Lewis AW v K. Lilley CON, J. Morris - bye, T. Taylor CON v J. Geeson AW, R. Barnes CON v P. Musson AW.

Harry Hardy Cup

Preliminary round

I. Kettle CON v D. Warren AW, L. Blankley beat R. Barnes 21-14, P. Musson beat D. Woods 21-11, J. Pask AW v M. Parker CON, C. Davis CON v L. Turner AW, D. Holton lost to C. Dexter 13-21, M. Halls AW v J. Geeson CON, P. Jordan beat P. Edwards 21-16.

John Wallwork Trophy

Preliminary round

L. Blankley beat I. Kettle 21-13, D. Holton lost to J. Pask 16-21, R. Barnes lost to D. Woods 11-21, M. Halls beat P. Riches 21-17, J. Simpson beat J. Prater 21-17.

Lee Trophy

First round

Long Bennington 2nd lost to Bottesford 2nd 29-39, Great Gonerby beat Bottesford 37-26, Great Gonerby 2nd beat Corby Glen 2nd 38-34, Swayfield 2nd CON v Dysart Park AW, Swayfield lost to Vacu-Lug 2nd 18-48, Vacu-Lug CON v Corby Glen AW, Arnoldfield 2nd CON v Colsterworth AW, Long Bennington lost to Arnoldfield 41.