BOWLS: Finals week and presentations at Grantham indoor club

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Grantham and District Indoor Bowls Club’s finals week ended with presentations by club president David Rainsford and ladies’ president Rita Baxter.

David presented a silver salver to Mathew Orrey who was a member of the winning team in a national fours competition, as well as the cup for the county under-25 singles.

Trophies and monetary awards went to winners and runners-up of the season’s competitions and leagues.

Results: Late Evening - 1 Boxers, 2 Kingfishers; Early Evening Division One - 1 Bullets, 2 Spacemen; Division Two - 1 Zombies, 2 Winetasters; Afternoon Division One - 1 Bens, 2 Boford; Division Two - 1 Roman Way, 2 Esses; Division Three - 1 Mat Jac, 2 Optimists; Morning Division One - 1 Buttercross, 2 Phoenix; Division Two - 1 Woodlark, 2 Pilgrims; Division Three - 1 Clockpelters, 2 Barrowlands; Division Four - 1 Nomads, 2 Ramblers; Australian Pairs A - 1 Otters, 2 Butterscotch; B - 1 BJS, 2 Eagles; EBF Triples - 1 Buttercross, 2 Rip and Roll; Tuesday Men’s - 1 Ray Smith, 2 Paul Hainsworth; Ladies’ League - 1 Wrens, 2 Bees Knees; Sencit League - 1 Bottesford, 2 Long Bennington; Jack High - 1 Grantham, 2 Vacu-Lug; Memorial Trophy - 1 Nigel Smith, Maurice Appleyard, Hilda Whatley, Linda Appleyard; Joan Hackett Trophy - 1 Tricia Kent, Ruth Murphy, Gladys Solesbury; Pat Wallwork Trophy - 1 Mavis Palmer, Judy Morris, Wendy Grigg; Ladies’ Australian Pairs - 1 Linda Bainbridge, Hilda Whatley, Linda Appleyard, Ann Collins; Novice Triples - 1 Malcolm Brett, David Rainsford, Bill Stevenson, 2 Sheila Richards, Rachel Diamond, Shirley Beardsley; Club Triples - 1 Richard Lewis, Bruce Allen, Joe Lewis, 2 David Warren, Paul Musson, Mark Parker; Novice Pairs - 1 Paul Hainsworth, Jeff Kime, 2 Joyce Asher, Tony Asher; Club Mixed Pairs - 1 Caroline Davis, Adam Berridge, 2 Chris Hodgson, Joe Lewis; Club Ladies’ Pairs - 1 Chris Hodgson, Doris Sykes, 2 Caroline Davis, Gloria Keasley; Club Men’s Pairs - 1 Mathew Orrey, John Pask, 2 Stuart Gent, Martin Pulling; Club Rinks - 1 Derek Bass, Russ Orrey, Nick Orrey, Mathew Orrey, 2 Chris Hodgson, Pat Thompson, Ian Cole, Russ Hibbert; Ladies’ Singles - 1 Caroline Davis, 2 Chris Hodgson; Men’s Singles - 1 Martin Pulling, 2 Mathew Orrey.

Sencit League

Long Bennington 59

Dysart Park 40

Bennington names first - J Hoole, J Hall, T Hoole lost to G Kemp, L Thompson, F Evans 12-18; E Eggleston, M Clark, S Marris, G Hall beat C Parkin, A Rouse, K Duller, I Ford 23-12; J Woods, R Baxter, D Woods beat J Waterall, L Bainbridge, A Briggs 24-10.

Outdoor results:

Belvoir League


Wyndham Park 62

St James Park 86

Wyndham Park names first - M. Sharp, S. Dawes and M. Cardwell beat R. Bailey, E. Walker and A. Kirk 20-16; S. Brandom, N. Pantling and B. Roberts beat B. Kirk, N. Marshall and L. Knight 19-16; J. McKee, A. Ludwig and I. Howlett lost to K. Marshall, G. Bundray and I. Sankey 4-35; T. Hinman, D. Abernethy and B. Tilley drew with R. Bardell, R. Chambers and A. Mitchell 19-19.