BOWLS: Gonerby and Bennington battle out Freedom and Reform match

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Fellowship of Freedom and Reform

Great Gonerby 80

Long Bennington 66

D. Holton, J. White and P. Edwards beat R. Miller, C. Miller and R. Coy 30-20; L. Blankley, B. Papworth and M. Massingham lost to P. Fordham, J. Trunkfield and M. Trunkfield 22-30; M. Halls, L. Lord and I. Lord beat D. McCarroll, J. Morris and T. Braithwaite 28-16.

Grantham League

Three wood

Corby Glen 53

Great Gonerby A 46

M. Dawson, N. Lomas and M. Beaton beat J. Saxby, T. Smith and D. Holton 15-13; T. Dawson, J. Boother and B. Powles beat L. Lord, J. White and I. Lord 21-19; P. Cahill, L. Roberts and J. Simpson beat G. Hutton, D. Graham and M. Massingham 17-14.

Belvoir League

Grantham 71

Balderton 68

J Asher R Smith T Asher beat B Bunnle B Hall M Maidlow 22-16, C Dexter P Newton W Johnson beat D Morrison K Maltby C Brooks 20-17, T Sumner B Patten J Lewis beat D Main B Morrison A Bunkle 19-12, I Ludwig A Gostick A Ludwig lost to P Harris L Wild D Ellis 10-23.

Lincolnshire EBA League

Grantham 65

Washingborough 39

J Asher T Asher M Holby Joe Lewis beat D Kewith G Todd A Hanson M Maitland 22-17, B Smith M Bailey Jay Lewis A Berridge beat M Courtney P Suckling D Roome N Parker 18-11, T Sumner N Smith C Dexter B Veasey beat M Peate A Smithsdon S Martin N Martin 25-11.