BOWLS: Gonerby B lose twice in Monday Trips

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Monday Trips

Grantham 67

Gonerby B 49

Grantham names first – P. Newton, C. Dexter and B. Veasey beat J. Prater, B. Papworth and P. Jones 18-17; T. Sumner, T. Holby and Joe Lewis beat M. Halls, R. Barnes and Phil Edwards 34-9; R. Sumner, T. Oxley and N. Smith lost to S. Brittain, L. Turner and K. Turner 15-23.

Swayfield 49

Gonerby B 44

J. Bainbridge and N. Dains beat F. Collins and L. Turner 29-9; B. Marston, I. Richardson and R. Halsey lost to B. Papworth and P. Jones 9-17; G. Jenkins, R. Selby and T. Harwood lost to D. Ward, R. Barnes and K. Turner 11-18.