BOWLS: Grantham and Bennington triumph in three wood league

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Grantham League

Three wood

Grantham 56

Wyndham Park 47

J. Asher, M. Holby and C. Dexter lost to N. Pantling, B. Shores and D. Abernethy 15-18; T. Sumner, R. Sowerby and N. Smith beat J. Dempster, J. Wyles and S. Allcorn 26-9; P. Newton, R. Smith and B. Veasey lost to M. Heighton, S. Potts and T. Oxley 15-20.

Long Bennington 74

Swayfield 33

D. Ashdown, J. Trunkfield and M. Trunkfield beat J. Tuckey, R. Selby and A. Tuckey 26-10; K. Kent, C. Miller and B. Garton beat I. Richardson, M. Lyon and G. Jenkins 29-11; E. Hoare, R. Miller and M. Dring beat B. Marston, J. Bainbridge and N. Davis 19-12.

Willoughby Cup


Swayfield 82

Knipton 81

B. Marston and N. Davis beat G. Stafford and B. Hollingsworth 24-16; D. Ward and M. Lyon lost to C. Smith and P. Sheardown 15-21; B. Johnson and J. Bainbridge beat P. Carlton and G. Smith 26-17; I. Richardson and R. Selby lost to M. Eurich and D. Carlton 17-27.

Hospital Bowl

Grantham 58

Great Gonerby 34

T Asher M Bailey M Holby Joe Lewis beat L Turner P Jones J White P Edwards 16-12; T Sumner B Sowerby Jay Lewis beat M Halls L Lord I Lord 25-7; C Dexter B Veasey beat M Masssingham B Robinson 17-15.


Fellowship of Freedom and Reform


Grantham 106

Corby Glen 26

T Sumner T Asher Joe Lewis beat Mei-Sll J Bother J Beaton 29-8; J Duke M Holby Jay Lewis beat T Ray M Wood M Beaton 30-8; P Newton C Dexter B Veasey beat M Dawson C Answorth J Simpson 47-10.

Other: Great Gonerby beat Long Bennington 80-66.

Hospital Bowl


Great Gonerby lost to Grantham 34-59, Bottesford beat Wyndham Park 53-39.

Lincolnshire EBA

Grantham 63

Ruston’s 39

B Smith J Kime A Berridge T Berridge beat P Roe J Palmer A Solark N Curtis 19-12; J Asher M Bailey M Holby Jay Lewis beat G Leeson S Marlow J Batty C Blanchard 24-10; T Sumner T Asher C Dexter B Veasey beat S Hodson G Tredwell R Brodie L Davies 20-17.


Grantham 100

Belvoir League Select 94

A Gostick P Riches J Kime beat J Dawes S Dawes J Bennett 25-15; D Staples J Stray J Duke beat R Payne J Barker D Hill 13-12; R Sumner Z Parsons B Smith lost to I Maunsell R Deary T Richards 15-18; T Sumner J Parsons M Bailey beat R Myring J Myring T Bailley 27-9; I Ludwig R Smith A Ludwig lost to P Carlton W Johnson A Stafford 9-25; J Asher B Patten T Asher lost to T Oliver P Clark D Carlton 11-15.

l Grantham Bowling Club have a friendly against Needingworth next Sunday (August 13) – names required.