BOWLS: Grantham area bowling news round-up

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Grantham 103

Lincolnshire VP 107

Grantham names first – L. Smith, G. Solesbury, G. Smith and R. Murphy lost to M. Brett, J. Bailey, L. Rex and K. Packey 11-25; J. Asher, J. Hobbs, D. Abernethey and T. Asher beat C. Leeson, N. Morgan, R. Perkins and D. Butungny 19-16; M. Barrett, G. Keasley, J. Morris and N. Smith lost to B. Steveson, M. Campion, R. Sawer and M. Hartop 15-21; J. Morris, D. Hobbs, R. Barrett and J. Kime lost to T. Baker, J. Smith, N. Tasker and P. Godding 17-25; L. Appleyard, I. Smith, M. Appleyard and R. Turnbull beat J. Hodge, J. Gills, J. Allen and D. Salmon 26-7; S. Richards, K. Solesbury, P. Riches and J. Lewis beat G. Harris, G. Craft, B. Tilley and A. Bristow 15-13.

Sencit League

Barnstone 39

Grantham 52

Barnstone names first – H. McCandless, S. Payling and L. Payling beat C. J. Kime, Da Lester, B. Hollingworth and K. Solesbury 19-12; W. Snowdon, J. Hogg, R. Morley and R. Smith lost to Do Lester, Mo Sharpe, P. Hainsworth and J. Kime 10-16; P. Jaques, A. Parker, J. Parker and J. McCandless lost to L. Appleyard, A. Wyles, J. Wyles and M. Appleyard 10-24.

Dysart Park 49

Arnoldfield 44

Dysart Park – B. Waterall, D. Glover, A. Collins and F. Evans beat J. Gowler, G. Bland, B. Marston and D. Gowler 20-15; J. Woodward, S. Potts, R. Dingley and B. Roberts lost to J. Burton, P. Burton, L. Smith and G. Smith 12-18; L. Thompson, R. Chesterton, B. Cox and M. Lehair beat D. Slade, A. Slade, J. Barnes and M. Goodchild 17-11.

Denny Cup

Grantham 91

Sleaford 57

Grantham names first – S. Harrison, M. Eurich, M. Pulling and M. Orrey beat D. Bristow, A. Bristow, T. Ingham and P. Roberts 25-10; H. Berridge, T. Berridge, N. Orrey and D. Auckland beat T. Stanley, I. Cliff, J. Maury and T. Bannister 21-13; T. Sumner, I. Cole, J. Lewis and A. Brunton beat G. Pask, L. Davies, R. Pointon and D. Chandley 16-15; R. Lewis, B. Smith, Joe Lewis and B. Brunton beat R. Barnes, H. Spencer, C. Bradley and R. Musson 29-19.


Grantham 79

Melton Mowbray 65

L. Appleyard, J. Kime and M. Appleyard won 18-8; G. Solesbury, I. Lord and K. Solesbury won 14-7; L. Smith, R. Moor and G. Smith lost 12-26; C. Kime, R. Murphy and T. Asher lost 10-13; J. Gowler, Da Lester and D. Gowler won 14-2; Do Lester, S. Payling and L. Payling won 11-9.

+ Grantham Outdoor Bowls Club annual meeting takes place at 7pm on Friday (November 20) at Bowling Green Lane.