BOWLS: Grantham area results round-up

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Dysart Park 54

Swayfield 80

Dysart Park names first – S. Atter and B. Veasey drew with M. Pulford and H. Mumby 16-16; S. Yates and C. Dexter lost to M. Lyon and N. Davis 12-19; P. Newton, R. Smith and M. Holby lost to M. Sharp, J. Huckerby and W. Flowers 16-18; R. Tupper, L. Thompson and C. Bland lost to J. Kopp*, R. Selby* and T. Harwood* 10-27.

* = ‘Hot Shot’ (scored six on one end)

Swayfield 81

Gonerby 60

Swayfield names first – M. Fulford, R. Halsey and H. Mumby beat B. Papworth, P. Edwards and L. Turner 26-15; B. Marston, J. Bainbridge and T. Harwood beat D. Holton, L. Blankley and B. Robinson 21-15; J. Huckerby and N. Davis beat M. Halls and I. Lord 21-12; M. Lyon and B. Marston lost to M. Massingham and Keith Wilson 13-18.

Vacu-Lug B 71

Grantham 67

Vacu-Lug names first – S. Davies and R. Tilley lost to A. Curtis and P. Harby 10-21; D. Cryer and I. Kettle beat R. Barnet and A. Gostick 26-13; D. Dickinson, V. Cryer and P. Balfe beat B. Patten, D. Rainsford and B. Sowerby 20-17; S. Balfe, P. Armstrong and I. Rowbotham lost to J. Patten, R. Sumner and H. Orbell 15-16.


Gonerby A 39

Gonerby B 64

Gonerby A names first – F. Watson, J. Saxby and R. Childs lost to B. Papworth, P. Jones and K. Turner 8-24; L. Lord, T. Smith and Keith Wilson lost to L. Blankley, G. Edwards and P. Edwards 19-22; R. Tilley, D. Holton and J. Lord lost to M. Halls, S. Brittain and L. Turner 12-18.

Grantham 55

Swayfield 42

Grantham names first – K. Whatmore, A. Curtis and P. Harby beat M. Sharp, M. Lyon and T. Harwood 22-16; T. Sumner, T. Asher and Jay Lewis beat B. Marston, R. Selby and M. Davis 15-9; J. Asher, J. Duke and T. Oxley beat J. Kopp, I. Richardson and H. Mumby 18-17.

Lincs ASC

Grantham 88

North Scarle 25

J. Asher, B. Sowerby and T. Asher won 23-13; R. Barnes, B. Adams and T. Oxley won 31-6; J. Duke, H. Orbell and Joe Lewis won 34-6.

Grantham & District Bowls Association

Corporation Doubles

First round – A. Stafford beat R. Lewis 22-13, A. Hoole v R. Atter, N. Davis v Blackburn, G. Taylor beat M. Massingham 29-9, R. Sowerby lost to R. Jackson 9-23, P. Riches lost to L. Turner 3-35, C. Abbott lost to Jay Lewis 13-17, B. Papworth beat J. Simpson 22-21.

Hutchinson Cup

Preliminary round – W. McLean beat P. Edwards 21-19, M. Eurich beat R. Atter 21-15, M. Halls lost to P. Musson 9-21, L. Blankley AW v J. Pask CON, L. Thompson CON v G. Taylor AW, L. Turner lost to B. Papworth 8-21.