BOWLS: Grantham area results round-up

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Grantham League

Three Wood

Grantham 42

Dysart Park 54

Grantham names first – R. Sumner, R. Sowerby and Jay Lewis lost to P. Newton, R. Smith and M. Holby 11-22; J. Duke, T. Asher and Joe Lewis lost to B. Veasey, C. Bland and J. Sayer 12-19; J. Asher, T. Sumner and N. Smith beat L. Thompson, A. Stafford and C. Dexter 19-13.

Corby Glen 42

Swayfield 42

Corby names first – L. Hall, J. Simpson and P. Cahill lost to B. Marston, R. Halsey and M. Lyon 13-15; T. Ray, N. Lomas and M. Beaton beat I. Richardson, J. Bainbridge and H. Mumby 15-11; M. Wood, J. Beaton and B. Powles lost to D. Ward, J. Huckerby and N. Davis 14-16.

Fellowship of Freedom and Reform

Gonerby 89

Swayfield 89

(extra end played, Gonerby won by one shot, 90-89)

Gonerby names first – M. Halls, D. Morrison and R. Childs lost to B. Marston, J. Huckerby and W. Flowers 19-25; L. Blankley, P. Jones and M. Massingham lost to M. Sharp, M. Lyon and T. Harwood 23-26; B. Papworth, L. Turner and K. Turner beat G. Jenkins, I. Richardson and N. Davis 25-22; P. Edwards, D. Holton and K. Wilson beat M. Pulford, R. Halsey and H. Mumby 22-16.

Dysart Park 88

Grantham 81

Dysart names first – P. Newton, R. Smith and M. Halsey lost to J. Asher, J. Stanfield and Jay Lewis 18-30; J. McAteer, S. Yates and C. Dexter beat T. Sumner, A. Gostick and N. Smith 20-19; L. Thompson, C. Bland and A. Stafford beat J. Duke, R. Sowerby and T. Asher 24-14; S. Vessey, R. Tupper and J. Sayer beat P. Riches, B. Smith and Joe Lewis 28-18.

Lincs Fours League

St Giles 46

Grantham 44

J. Duke, J. Kime, N. Smith and Jay Lewis lost 14-19; T. Sumner, A. Gostick, B. Smith and N. Orrey won 19-7; J. Asher, T. Asher, J. Stanfield and Joe Lewis lost 11-20.

ASC Metals

Washingborough 60

Grantham 48

B. Hodder, R. Sowerby and Joe Lewis won 17-16; I. Ludwig, J. Kime and A. Ludwig lost 11-22; J. Asher, R. Smith and T. Asher lost 20-22.


Grantham 113

Essex Vice-president’s 107

R. Tupper, D. Fraher, L. Thompson and Joe Lewis lost 15-16; T. Sumner, B. Patten, W. Johnson and Jay Lewis won 27-15; J. Duke, K. Germany, C. Goodley and N. Smith won 20-15; I. Ludwig, H. Orbell, B. Smith and A. Ludwig lost 14-15; B. Marston, B. Roberts, J. Kime and T. Asher won 25-22; L. Smith, J. Baker, J. Baker and C. Smith lost 12-24.