BOWLS: Grantham area results round-up

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The national semi-final of the Egham Trophy, played at Grantham Indoor Bowling Club, resulted in a 84-63 win for Norfolk Bowls Club over York.

The final will be played at Boston in April.

Local results:

Lincolnshire Men’s Division Three

Grantham 100

Horncastle 89

R. Payne, M. Parker, I. Cole and J. Stanfield lost 12-22; M. LeHair, J. Meakins, A. Berridge and T. Berridge lost 16-28; P. Hainsworth, P. Barrett, M. Eurich and Jay Lewis won 32-12; R. Lewis, R. Sowerby, B. Smith and Joe Lewis won 17-14; T. Sumner, M. Carter, J. Kime and B. Allen won 23-13.

Lincolnshire Over-60s

Grantham 125

Long Sutton 76

C. Jones, W. Smith, J. Kime and J. Lewis won 38-11; T. Sumner, R. Smith, C. Goodley and B. Allen won 24-18; C. Richardson, P. Clarke, I. Cole and D. Hill won 31-17; P. Jaques, D. Abernethy, T. Asher and I. Lord lost 13-19; M. LeHair, R. Payne, G. Hall and R. Turnbull won 19-11.


Grantham 128

Imps 101

K. Aldridge, J. Hall, G. Hall and R. Sowerby lost 16-31; L. Smith, A. Wyles, J. Wyles and G. Smith won 17-16; P. Greer, J. Parker, I. Cole and R. Hibbert won 34-7; J. Asher, A. Hughes, T. Asher and J. Lewis won 25-8; C. Kime, R. Baxter, R. Barrett and J. Kime won 23-11; S. Potts, D. Rainsford, R. Murphy and R. Turnbull lost 13-28.

Grantham 63

Spalding 99

K. Aldridge, L. Smith, P. Greer and G. Smith lost 6-28; L. Appleyard, I. Ludwig, A. Ludwig and M. Appleyard won 18-11; S. Richards, P. Riches, E. Ward and J. Lewis lost 6-24; J. Hall, G. Parrish and G. Hall lost 13-19; J. Asher, J. Duke and T. Asher won 20-17.