BOWLS: Grantham area results round-up

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Grantham Bowls Club’s 140 years celebration game against Lincolnshire Federation takes place on Saturday.

And on Sunday, L. Payling’s Barnstone team take on Joe Lewis’s Grantham in a charity game in aid of Karl Bullimore’s Cancer Treatment Appeal and the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance, starting at 2pm.

Grantham League

Three Wood

Great Gonerby B 38

Swayfield 61

L. Blankley, J. Prater and P. Edwards beat I. Richardson, R. Halsey and T. Harwood 19-14; S. Brittain, L. Turner and B. Papworth lost to G. Jenkins, J. Bainbridge and M. Lyon 13-22; M. Halls, B. Orridge and P. Jones lost to B. Marston, D. Ward and N. Davis 6-25.

Corby Glen 53

Great Gonerby A 61

G. Osborne, J. Simpson and R. Jackson lost to G. Lord, T. Smith and I. Lord 14-26; T. Dawson, J. Boother and J. Beaton beat J. Saxby, D. Graham and K. Wilson 26-9; N. Lomas, T. Ray and M. Beaton lost to G. Hutton, D. Holton and M. Massingham 13-26.

Great Gonerby A 39

Dysart Park 75

L. Lord, J. Saxby and I. Lord lost to P. Newton, R. Smith and M. Holby 10-30; D. Graham, J. White and K. Wilson lost to A. Stafford, C. Bland and C. Dexter 18-27; G. Huton, T. Smith and M. Massingham lost to L. Thompson, J. Sayer and B. Veasley 11-18.

Belvoir League

Grantham 78

Balderton 59

I. Ludwig, A. Gostick and A. Ludwig won 26-7; J. Duke, B. Hodder and R. Sowerby lost 16-18; J. Asher, J. Kime and T. Asher drew 16-16; R. Sumner, T. Sumner and Jay Lewis won 20-18.

Grantham 65

Knipton 58

I. Ludwig, J. Duke and A. Ludwig beat P. Carlton, G. Stafford and R. Leadenham 17-11; B. Patten, J. Kime and R. Sowerby beat D. Frankish, B. Hollingworth and P. Sheardown 17-14; R. Sumner, B. Hodder and Jay Lewis lost to L. Gardner, D. Lester and J. Gardner 13-15; T. Sumner, A. Gostick and Joe Lewis drew with K. Davies, M. Eurich and W. Leadenham 18-18.

Grantham 71

Belvoir Vale 71

T. Sumner, B. Hodder and Jay Lewis lost to D. Birch, K. Simmons and J. Lait 11-18; I. Ludwig, J. Duke and A. Ludwig beat V. Pugh, C. Harrop and G. Crooke 18-11; B. Patten, B. Smith and Joe Lewis lost to B. Birch, J. Lambert and L. Pugh 21-17; A. Gostick, J. Kime and R. Sowerby lost to T. Warrener, J. Lambert and R. Warrener 15-25.

Lincs League

Grantham 41

Boultham Park 53

T. Sumner, B. Hodder, R. Sowerby and Joe Lewis won 15-13; J. Asher, A. Gostick, B. Smith and N. Smith lost 13-17; K. Whatmore, J. Duke, J. Kime and Jay Lewis lost 13-23.

ASC Metals League

Grantham 47

Sleaford 49

B. Hodder, J. Kime and T. Oxley won 23-14; J. Asher, J. Duke and R. Sowerby lost 11-21; I. Ludwig, R. Smith and J. Lewis lost 13-14.


Trophy Trebles

Second round

R. Sowerby AW v P. Jordan CON, T. Hoole lost to P. Musson 5-31, N. Davis lost to B. Veasey 14-27, A. Stafford beat B. Papworth 22-11.

Corporation Doubles

Second round

B. Smith beat P. Jones 29-8, M. Lyon beat P. Musson 22-16, N. Davis lost to Jay Lewis 7-28.