BOWLS: Grantham area results round-up

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Grantham League

Three Woods

Gonerby A 40

Grantham 66

B. Robinson, D. Graham and M. Massingham beat K. Whatmore, J. Lewis and T. Harvey 17-16; L. Lord, J. Saxby and I. Lord lost to P. Riches, R. Sowerby and Joe Lewis 13-23; G. Hutton, D. Holton and T. Smith lost to T. Sumner, J. Duke and T. Oxley 10-26.

Gonerby B 40

Gonerby A 45

L. Blankley, J. Prater and P. Jones lost to L. Lord, M. Durrand and I. Lord 12-14; B. Orridge, B. Papworth and P. Edwards beat J. White, K. Wilson and B. Robinson 16-15; S. Brittain, L. Turner and K. Turner lost to D. Holton, M. Massingham and R. Childs 12-14.

Grantham 65

Corby Glen 23

T. Sumner, R. Sowerby and Joe Lewis beat T. Dawson, J. Boother and B. Powles 24-7; J. Duke, T. Oxley and P. Harby beat T. Ray, G. Osborne and M. Beaton 20-7; K. Whatmore, N. Smith and Jay Lewis beat M. Dawson, N. Lomas and J. Simpson 21-9.

Grantham 63

Gonerby A 40

P. Riches, R. Sowerby and Joe Lewis beat L. Lord, J. Saxby and I. Lord 22-13; T. Sumner, J. Duke and T. Oxley beat G. Mutton, D. Holton and T. Smith 25-10; K. Whatmore, Jay Lewis and P. Harby lost to M. Massingham, D. Graham and B. Robinson 16-17.

Grantham 48

Swayfield 47

J. Asher, J. Duke and T. Oxley lost to D. Ward, J. Bainbridge and M. Lyon 16-19; T. Sumner, R. Sowerby and Joe Lewis beat M. Pulford, R. Halsey and T. Harwood 19-10; R. Sumner, Jay Lewis and P. Harvey lost to B. Marston, I. Richardson and N. Davis 13-18.

Friday Pairs

Swayfield 78

Gonerby 80

R. Selby and J. Bainbridge beat B. Papworth and L. Turner 26-16; J. Geeson and M. Lyon beat P. Edwards and K. Wilson 25-18; B. Johnson, D. Ward and N. Davis lost to M. Halls, I. Lord and R. Childs 11-22; B. Marston, R. Halsey and T. Harwood lost to L. Blankley, P. Jones and M. Massingham 16-24.

Belvoir League

Grantham 64

Long Bennington 80

J. Asher, J. Kime and T. Gostick lost to J. Hall, D. Ashdolord and G. Hall 8-29; T. Sumner, B. Thompson and P. Harby beat S. Dring, C. Miller and P. Jordon 26-11; B. Patten, R. Smith and Joe Lewis lost to R. Miller, M. Trunkfield and D. Froggat 14-24; R. Sumner, J. Duke and Jay Lewis drew with J. Connolly, J. Trunkfield and P. Bradley 16-16.

Lincs League

Grantham 56

Hykeham 45

J. Asher, R. Smith, B. Smith and T. Oxley lost 13-23; T. Sumner, B. Patten, C. Dexter and Joe Lewis won 22-10; K. Whatmore, A. Gostick, J. Kime and Jay Lewis won 21-12.

Grantham 140 Year Celebration

Grantham Select 99

Belvoir League Select 130

W. Johnson, B. Patten and B. Papworth lost to L. Payling, P. Carlton and D. Carlton 8-26; P. Riches, J. Dawes and R. Sowerby beat N. Drew, K. Drew and J. Parker 23-18; B. Marston, D. Ward and N. Davis lost to C. Davis, G. Goodley and G. Smith 17-19; P. Hainsworth, J. Duke and J. Kime lost to R. Payne, L. Smith and J. Barker 17-23; R. Sumner, E. Clarke and A. Ludwig beat T. Dennett, I. Cole and P. Clarke 21-17; J. Tucker, M. Tucker and B. Smith lost to S. Dawes, M. Eurich and I. Howlett 13-27.