BOWLS: Grantham club members contest New Year competition

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Grantham and District Indoor Bowling Club’s New Years Round Robin was won by R. Sumner, J. Tinkley and Jay Lewis.

Runners-up were C. Welbourn and C. Tinkley, half game each R. Smith and T. Asher, with G. Potts, C. Robinson and Joe Lewis.

A great day was had by all including a bit of fancy dress and a buffet provided by the players

Other results:

Lincolnshire Men’s League

Grantham 130

Louth 66

P Hainsworth R Barrett M Bailey Jay Lewis drew with B Toyne D Warren G Willoughby 15-15, M LeHair I Cole C Dexter A Berridge beat B Jordan P Hill B Smith K Hasnip 19-16, M Carter B Allen B Smith Joe Lewis beat J Readman + guest D Stringer P Staintor 20-17, J Russell P Robinson J Kime M Eurich beat A Parkin A Houghton J Dawson A Oldroyd 31-12, T Sumner T Asher R Ottley T Berridge beat G Chesmard P Evans C Rose G Love 45-6.

Sencit League

Arnoldfield 34

V Barnstone 39

J Gowler G Parrish P Burton D Gowler beat L Payling R Spencer R Morley R Smith 14-9, D Slade P Jones L Smith B Marston lost to P Jaques J Parker A Cullen P Robinson 11-14, J Burton G Hasnip A Robinson G Smith lost to J Hogg H McCandless D Hazard J McCandless 9-16.

Grantham 52

Dysart Park 41

J Kime J Baker B Hollingworth P Royce beat L Bainbridge B Cox A Collins F Evans 12-17, L Ludwig P Hainsworth A Ludwig S Beardsley beat J Eslick B Shores P Craik R Dingley 24-11, L Appleyard D Lester K Noble M Appleyard beat G Kemp S Potts L Thompson R Barrett 16-13.