BOWLS: Grantham indoor club holds annual gala

Victor Wood bowls gala
Victor Wood bowls gala
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Thirty-six competitors took part in Grantham and District Indoor Bowling Club’s gala held at Trent Road.

The annual competition was won by the team comprising Glen Parrish, David Rainsford and Rita Baxter.

The winners’ cup and monetary award were presented by Dea-anna Davey, representative of gala sponsor Victor Wood of Grantham. She also presented the second and third teams with cash prizes.

Pictured from left are – Glen Parrish, Dea-anna Davey, gala organiser Nigel Smith, Rita Baxter and David Rainsford.

l Grantham club members were successful in winning Lincs county finals held at Boston last weekend.

Mathew Orrey defeated Jonathon West, of Boston, to win the men’s singles and Adam Berridge, Jamie Stanfield, Terry Berridge and Alistair Brunton beat a set from Lincoln to win the rinks title.

Other club results:

Lincolnshire Men’s League

Grantham 129

Long Sutton B 74

P Hainsworth, J Kime, W Adams, B Smith won 28-13; W Stevenson, R Smith, M Carter, B Allen won 27-14; T Sumner, J Tinkler, N Smith, Jay Lewis won 22-17; A Berridge, J Duke, J Stanfield, A Brunton won 39-13; R Lewis, T Asher, R Payne, J Lewis lost 13-17.

Lincolnshire Mixed League

Lincoln B 110

Grantham 77

K Germany, J Hall, G Hall, H Whatley lost 17-28; I Ludwig, B Woodhouse, A Ludwig, P Woodhouse lost 17-25; S Richards, B Marston, R Murphy, R Turnbull, lost 14-19; M Palmer, M Goodchild, B Goodchild, J Lewis lost 16-20; B Edens, P Riches, M Appleyard, I Cole lost 13-18.

Grantham 102

Louth B 82

P Hewitt, P Riches, R Murphy, R Turnbull won 34-11; M Palmer, B Marston, M Goodchild, B Goodchild lost 17-19; I Ludwig, S Payling, A Ludwig, L Payling lost 15-18; M Barrett, R Barrett, J Hall, G Hall lost 19-22; S Richards, W Stevenson, I Cole, H Whatley won 17-12.

Club friendly

Grantham 96

Boston 100

R Sumner, A Woodward, T Sumner, J Lewis won 23-22; J Asher, A Duerrs, J Tinkley, T Asher lost 12-21; R Baxter, F Leitch, W Stevenson, J Kime won 16-12; A Parker, D Rainsford, E Plowright, J Parker lost 12-15; R Spencer, S Payling, G Taylor, L Payling won 21-17; S Richards, J Hobbs, D Hobbs, H Whatley lost 12-13.

Sencit League

Dysart Park 95

Barnstone 37

Dysart Park names first – L Bainbridge, B Cox, R Chesterton, B Roberts beat H McCandless, S Payling, A Murray, L Payling 29-15; J Waterall, L Thompson, M LeHair, A Briggs beat J Hogg, A Parker, P Aylward, J Parker 27-10; A Rouse, R Dingley, A Collins, F Evans beat W Snowdon, E Plowright, P Greer, R Smith 39-12.

Bottesford 69

Grantham 30

Bottesford names first – P Hewitt, J Millington, R Murphy, R Turnbull beat M Cardwell, Da Lester, K Solesbury, Merv Cardwell 28-11; J Parsons, S Richardson, P Palmer, A Palmer beat J Beardsley, June Baker, B Hollingsworth, S Beardsley 24-8; R Barnes, P Bennett, R Payne, W Shores beat Do Lester, John Baker, M Appleyard, H Whatley 17-11.

Dysart Park 29

Bottesford 76

Dysart Park names first – L Bainbridge, B Cox, R Chesterton, B Roberts lost to R Barnes, P Bennett, R Payne, W Shores 9-21; G Kemp, L Thompson, M LeHair, A Briggs lost to J Parsons, C Richardson, J Millington, P Palmer 15-17; A Rouse, R Dingley, A Collins, F Evans lost to P Hewitt, M Parsons, R Murphy, R Turnbull 5-38.

Barnstone 49

Arnoldfield 51

Barnstone names first – R Spencer, S Payling, H McCandless, L Payling lost to T Barnes, H Housley, M Goodchild, B Goodchild 9-20; A Parker, W Snowdon, J Priest, J Parker beat K Germany, I Ludwig, D Church, A Curtis 25-16; J Hogg, E Plowright, P Greer, R Smith drew 15-15 with G Bland, B Marston, J Gowler, D Gowler.