BOWLS: Grantham indoor club men triumph in national competition

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An excellent result and fine win for Grantham and District Indoor Bowls in the second round of the national men’s Denny Cup competition will see them play Spalding in the next round.

The success of the away rinks, in particular, was most impressive, building up, as it did, the aggregate score during the game and relieving the pressure.


Grantham 94

Stamford 49

Home rinks – S Harrison, F Evans, M Pulling, M Orrey won 24-10; T Berridge, J Kime, N Orrey, D Auckland lost 15-19. Away rinks – I Cole, B Allen, Joe Lewis, W Brunton won 22-10; T Sumner, A Berridge, R Hibbert, A Brunton won 33-10.

Lincolnshire Mixed League

Louth 105

Grantham 73

W Stevenson, A Leitch, J Hall, G Hall lost 14-25; R Sumner, D Rainsford, S Beardsley, Jay Lewis won 24-12; I Ludwig, B Marston, R Murphy, R Turnbull lost 13-18; B Patten, S Payling, B Sowerby, L Payling lost 7-30; S Richards, Da Lester, A Ludwig, H Whatley lost 15-20

Inter Club Competition

Grantham 80

Melton Mowbray 55

G Hall, D Rainsford, M Appleyard lost 11-14; A J Hughes, R Harris, W Shores won 16-7; A Briggs, Da Lester, D Woods won 11-7; K Germany, S Payling, L Payling won 16-12; R Moore, A Ludwig, I Lord won 15-7; J Asher, A Duers, T Asher won 11-8.

Sencit League

Grantham 41

Dysart Park 67

Grantham names first – June Baker, J Baker, M Appleyard, H Whatley lost to G Kemp, B Waterall, L Bainbridge, F Evans 14-23; Do Lester, G Solesbury, B Hollingsworth, K Solesbury lost to J Waterall, L Thompson, M LeHair, A Briggs 10-24; J Beardsley, Da Lester, B Patten, S Beardsley lost to J Woodward, B Cox, R Dingley, B Roberts 17-20.

Barnstone 42

Long Bennington 58

Barnstone names first – J Hogg, A Murray, P Aylward, J McCandless lost to E Eggleston, J Hall, M Dring, D Woods 15-16; R Spencer, S Payling, B Hogg, L Payling beat R Miller, Jo Morris, B Garton, G Hall 18-11; P Greer, E Plowright, R Morley, R Smith lost to J Hoole, Ju Morris, T Hoole, N Smith 9-31.

Club friendly

Grantham 87

Lincolnshire Vice Presidents’ Association 111

J Asher, G Hasnip, K Germany, T Asher lost 15-23; Do Lester, A Duers, R Murphy, R Turnbull won 14-13; A J Hughes, P Greer, B Goodchild, D Woods lost 12-21; M Brett, D Lester, D Rainsford, Jay Lewis lost 17-19; L Bainbridge, B Patten, A Leitch, W Shores lost 13-21; W Stevenson, J Waterall, D Abernethy, A Briggs won 16-14.