BOWLS: Grantham indoor results

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Latest results from Grantham and District Indoor Bowls Club:

Lincolnshire Mixed League

Louth 118

Grantham 54

S Richards, W Stevenson, H Whatley, C Goodley lost 6-36; M Palmer, M Goodchild, B Goodchild, J Pask won 17-14; M Brett, B Patten, R Murphy, R Turnbull lost 6-29; J Woods, J Hall, G Hall, D Woods lost 12-18; L Appleyard, S Beardsley, I Cole, M Appleyard lost 13-21.

Inter Club Competition

Melton Mowbray 72

Grantham 68

J Asher, D Rainsford, T Asher lost 11-15; R Moore, D Pimm, I Lord won 23-5; L Appleyard, C Parkin, M Appleyard won 12-9; Do Lester, S Payling, L Payling lost 7-10; G Solesbury, A Highes, K Solesbury lost 5-19; J Woods, D Lester, D Woods lost 10-14.

Sencit League

Bottesford 77

Arnoldfield 34

Bottesford names first – C Richardson, P Bennet, R Payne, W Shores beat K Germany, D Church, A Curtis, A Alexander 32-5; P Hewitt, A Palmer, P Palmer, P Thornhill lost to J Barnes, H Housley, M Goodchild, B Goodchild 18-20; M Payne, P Chandler, R Murphy, R Turnbull beat J Bland, J Gowler, B Marsden, D Gowler 27-9.

Long Bennington 70

Grantham 46

Long Bennington names first – J Woods, J Orrey, S Marris, D Woods lost to M Barrett, G Solesbury, B Hollingworth, K Solesbury 17-21; J Hoole, E Eggleston, K Kent, N Smith beat J Beardsley, J Baker, R Barrett, S Beardsley, 29-13; J Hall, T Kent, R Baxter, G Hall beat Do Lester, June Baker, G Stafford, H Whatley 24-12.

Jack High Competition

Barnstone 50

Bingham A 42

Barnstone names first – R Spencer, G Taylor, R Smith lost to C Wilkinson, I Cole, S Moncaster 14-20; H McCandless, S Payling, L Payling, beat C Hodgson, V Wilkinson, B Morris 15-13; K Drew, J Parker, N Drew beat A Thompson, P Greer, J Tyler 21-9.

Long Bennington 71

Great Gonerby 31

Long Bennington names first – C Davis, E Hoare, G Keasley beat D Holton, S Dawes 32-6; C Tuckwood, J Hall, G Hall beat L Blankley, R Childs, C Bland 25-7; J Woods, J Hoole, D Woods lost to B Roberts, C Parkin, P Edward 14-18.