BOWLS: Grantham indoor results round-up

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Jack High

Grantham 72

Long Bennington 39

J. Asher, T. Asher and Joe Lewis beat J. Morris, M. Tivey and M. Dring 24-15; R. Sumner, T. Sumner and Jay Lewis beat J. Kent, J. Hall and G. Hall 20-17; P. Hainsworth, R. Sowerby and J. Kime beat E. Eggleston, Jo Morris and N. Smith 28-7.

Bingham A 68

Bingham B 41

E. Meakins, J. Aspinall and S. Moncaster beat P. Jaques, T. Peterden and P. Thornhill 25-18; P. Greer, I. Cole and D. Sykes beat P. Evans, A. Cullen and K. Handley 21-12; C. Hodgson, V. Wilkinson and J. Tyler beat J. Cullen, A. Brailsford and K. Brailsford 22-11.

Lincolnshire Over-60s

Grantham 119

Skegness 73

R. Payne, H. Mumby, G. Hall and R. Turnbull won 24-16; T. Sumner, R. Smith, N. Smith and B. Allen won 33-12; C. Richardson, P. Clarke, I. Cole and D. Hill won 18-13; G. Jones, M. Brett, J. Kime and J. Lewis lost 18-21; P. Jaques, B. Thompson, T. Asher and I. Lord won 26-11.