BOWLS: Grantham men are crowned county champions

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Lincolnshire Men’s League

Division Three

Grantham ended the season top of the league and as champions will be promoted to Division Two.

In the their final match, they defeated Horncastle who, as runners-up in the league, will join Grantham in the higher echelon next season.

Grantham 93

Horncastle 82

T. Sumner, J. Kime, M. Carter and B. Allen won 19-18; J. Morris, C. Goodley, M. Parker and R. Hibbert lost 17-18; R. Lewis, B. Sowerby, B. Smith and Joe Lewis lost 8-22; P. Hainsworth, R. Barrett, M. Eurich and Jay Lewis won 20-15; R. Payne, J. Meakins, N. Smith and T. Berridge won 29-9.

Jack High

Vacu-Lug 62

Grantham 67

R. Barker, M. Parker and T. Berridge beat J. Asher, T. Asher and Joe Lewis 22-15; M. Carter, J. Franklin and B. Allen lost to P. Hainsworth, B. Sowerby and J. Kime 20-31; P. Musson, M. Allen and M. Eurich lost to T. Sumner, P. Riches and Jay Lewis 18-21.

Barnstone 44

Knipton 37

W. Snowdon, S. Payling and L. Payling beat J. Baker, L. Smith and C. Smith 12-11; R. Spencer, G. Taylor and R. Smith beat B. Wadsworth, A. Ripsley and P. Sheardown 17-13; A. Parker, J. Parker and N. Drew beat K. Abbs, J. Sharpe and B. Hollingsworth 15-13.