BOWLS: Grantham men defeat Stamford in Lincs League

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Lincolnshire Men’s League

Grantham 90

Stamford 85

M Carter B Allen J Meakins Joe Lewis lost to R Graham M Dye D Middleton P Linnell 18-26, M LeHair I Cole C Dexter A Berridge beat T Barwell M Hewitt M Keboer T Christie 19-13, R Sowerby P Robinson R Ottley J Hope beat D Howarth D Bruce D Veasy R Martin 16-15, B Smith J Russell J Kime M Eurich lost to M Smith G Knight D Keffernan M Owen 16-27, P Hainsworth R Barrett M Bailey J Lewis beat C Ballard A Lowslord A McNaorhter K Rippon 16-9.

Lincolnshire Over-60s League

Grantham 77

Skegness 107

P Hainsworth J Strickson R Barrett I Cole lost to J Thorold A Ayling P Ord B Foxon 32-15, C Richardson P Robinson T Asher R Turnbull beat B Dennis B Robinson A Brooks F Mumby 20-15, C Jones G Hasnip G Hall D Hill lost to D Lamb B Croft K Law P Sharp 10-21, D Abernethy V Wendon B Allen J Lewis lost to K Findley P Hill M McAlindon R Rankin 17-19, T Sumner R Smith B Veasey C Dexter lost to M Thorold S Foley P Hopkins R Rout 15-18.

Jack High

Bottesford 31

Barnstone 64

C Clark G Owen J Russell Beat L Payling J Parker C Jones 18-10, L Wigley P Goodon R Hibbert lost to R Spencer H McCandless J McCandless 8-24, C Williams B Hawes R Barnes lost to J Hogg S Wrate R Smith 5-30.

Knipton 25

Wyndham Park 40

D Mitchell P Stafford P Sheardown lost to D Slade J Searle S Allcorn 14-23, J Baker J Baker B Hollingworth lost to R Giles P Burton P Claxton 7-21, L Steptoe J Sharpe G Sharpe lost to P Gallagher S Dawes P Edwards 4-26.

All the other games at the weekend saw South Shields win against Beccles in the Denny Plate semi-final.

In the under-25s doubles, Yorkshire had a good win over Suffolk on Sunday morning, whilst the men’s president team won the game against the ladies’ president team in the afternoon.