BOWLS: Grantham president’s team wins annual match

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Grantham & District Bowls Association

The annual match between association president Jayson Lewis’s team and that of chairman Tim Harwood took place on Saturday.

The match was played at Grantham Bowling Green in very hot conditions, with an enjoyable competition going the way of the President’s team who lifted the Leeder Shield for their efforts.

President 71

Chairman 61

President’s team names first – P. Riches, R. Barnes and Jay Lewis beat J. Geeson, W. McLean and Tim Harwood 24-11; D. Pimm, S. Savage and J. Duke beat M. Sharp, J. Bainbridge and M. Lyon 15-8; B. Patten, A. Curtis and T. Oxley drew with B. Papworth, P. Jones and L. Turner 11-11; R. Lewis, B. Smith and T. Asher lost to M. Eurich, M. Allen and B. Allen 8-19; J. Asher, J. Patten and Joe Lewis beat B. Marston, R. Sowerby and N. Davies 13-12.

l A charity match took place at Grantham Bowls Club on Sunday and raised £236 to be shared between the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance and Grantham Hospice.

Joe Lewis’s Grantham team were narrowly defeated by Barnstone who were led to victory by L. Payling.

Grantham 113

Barnstone 116

Grantham names first – R. Lewis, W. Johnson, B. Smith and T. Asher lost to R. Spencer, J. Priest, K. Drew and S. Tayling 15-24; J. Duke, S. Savage, B. Sowerby and T. Oxley lost to J. Hunter, J. Hoss, K. Hunter and B. Hogg 14-18; J. Asher, C. Tinkley, H. Orbell and Joe Lewis beat C. Goodley, T. Toon, A. Stafford and L. Payling 23-20; W. Thompson, J. Tinkley, A. Curtis and P. Harby lost to P. Varey, M. Thompson, D. Brown and P. Franklin 16-21; R. Barnes, M. Healey, N. Smith and Jay Lewis beat H. McCandless, Eileen, Winston and J. McCandless 24-13; D. Pimm, P. Richards, B. Papworth and L. Turner beat A. Parker, N. Doubleday, N. Drew and J. Parker 21-20.


Grantham 67

Gonerby B 25

Grantham names first – T. Asher, Jay Lewis and P. Harby beat J. Prater, S. Brittain and P. Jones 27-5; J. Duke, R. Sowerby and T. Oxley beat P. Edwards, B. Orridge and L. Blankley 20-12; K. Whatmore, S. Savage and Joe Lewis beat L. Turner, R. Tilley and B. Papworth 20-8.


Great Gonerby 72

Swayfield 73

Gonerby names first – L. Blankley and Keith Wilson beat B. Marston and N. Davis 16-15; L. Turner and I. Lord lost to M. Lyon and R. Selby 14-28; B. Papworth, P. Jones and M. Massingham beat R. Halsey, J. Bainbridge and T. Harwood 22-15; M. Halls, F. Watson and R. Childs beat M. Sharp, J. Huckerby and H. Mumby 20-15.

Swayfield 78

Corby Glen 59

Swayfield names first – B. Marston and N. Davis beat M. Dawson and J. Simpson 19-14; M. Lyon and R. Selby beat B. Acock and T. Dawson 18-12; M. Sharp, J. Huckerby and H. Mumby beat N. Simpson, J. Boother and J. Beaton 21-16; J. Geeson, J. Bainbridge and T. Harwood beat J. Goodacre, M. Wood and M. Beaton 20-17.

Trophy Trebles

Second round

M. Massingham lost to C. Abbott 20-31, A. Blackburn lost to N. Davis 19-22, Jay Lewis beat L. Turner 28-12, P. Jordan lost to A. Stafford 11-27.

Harry Hardy Cup

Second round

L. Turner beat M. Eurich 21-9, D. Holton AW v A. Brunton CON, B. Papworth AW v Kev Wilson CON, C. Davis CON v R. Atter AW.

Lee Trophy


Colsterworth lost to Dysart Park 26-39, Grantham lost to Vacu-Lug 29-38.