BOWLS: Grantham’s Orrey earns first senior England cap

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Grantham’s Mathew Orrey gained his first England senior men’s international team cap at the British Isles Indoor Bowls Council International Series competition at Llanelli over the weekend.

Mathew features in all three of England’s games, all of which they won. He helped them defeat Wales 150-86, Scotland 122-100 and Ireland 132-107.

Mathew is now number 20 in the England rankings.

l Grantham Indoor Bowling Club competition results:

Sencit League

Long Bennington 57

Barnstone 31

C. Tuckwood, R. Miller, P. Fordham and G. Hall beat A. Parker, S. Payling, P. Greer and L. Payling 22-8; J. Hoole, Ju Morris, E. Eggleston and N. Smith beat R. Spencer, J. Hogg, R. Morley and S. Taylor 15-14; E. Hoare, J. Hall, Jo Morris and M. Dring beat P. Jacques, H. McCandless, W. Snowdon and J. McCandless 20-9.

Dysart Park 44

Grantham 52

L. Bainbridge, B. Cox, A. Collins and F. Evans beat L. Appleyard, J. Baker, P. Hainsworth and M. Appleyard 21-15; J. Woodward, G. Kemp, R. Dingley and B. Roberts lost to Do Lester, M. Sharpe, D. Lester and J. Kime 13-14; D. Glover, S. Potts, A. Briggs and L. Thompson lost to C. J. Kime, J. Baker, B. Hollingsworth and S. Beardley 10-23.

Jack High

Knipton 36

Arnoldfield 49

B. Wadsworth, L. Smith and G. Smith lost to J. Burton, P. Burton and R. Giles 12-16; K. Abbs, J. Leadenham and P. Sheardon lost to A. Alexander, M. Brett and A. Stafford 10-14; B. Hollingworth, J. Baker and K. Noble lost to S. Allcorn, J. Searle and B. Shores 14-19.

Bingham B 48

Barnstone 57

B. Davey, T. Petersen and P. Thornhill beat H. McCandless, S. Payling and L. Payling 24-18; J. Cullen, A. Brailsford and K. Brailsford lost to R. Spencer, G. Taylor and R. Smith 8-22; P. Jacques, A. Cullen and K. Handley lost to J. Parker, J. Wrate and J. McCandless 16-17.

Lincolnshire Over-60s

Grantham 70

Sleaford 124

L. Payling, P. Clarke, J. Cole and D. Hill lost 13-26; T. Sumner, R. Smith, N. Smith and B. Allen won 18-17; C. Jones, B. Thompson, T. Asher and I. Lord lost 7-33; D. Abernethy, M. Brett, R. Payne and R. Turnbull lost 12-28; W. Stevenson, S. Potts, J. Kime and J. Lewis drew 20-20.