BOWLS: Grantham sides defeated in Lincs leagues

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Lincolnshire Men’s League

Horncastle 130

Grantham 89

I Cole, J Kime, R Payne, J Pask lost 21-23; D Rainsford, K Germany, M Eurich, Jay Lewis lost 19-28; T Sumner, R Smith, N Smith, M Parker lost 17-31; B Smith, D Woods, C Goodley, B Allen lost 11-25; M Cater, M Healey, T Asher, Joe Lewis lost 21-23.

Lincolnshire Mixed League

Grantham 77

Scunthorpe 82

L Appleyard, J Asher, I Cole, M Appleyard lost 16-21; B Patten, J Hall, G Hall, D Woods won 18-14; S Richards, H Whatley, T Asher, J Lewis lost 11-23; M Palmer, M Goodchild, B Goodchild, J Pask drew 13-13; K Germany, J Woods, R Murphy, R Turnbull won 19-11.

Club friendly

Grantham 97

Spalding 135

J Woods, I Ludwig, A Ludwig, D Woods won 23-12; T Sumner, R Sumner, J Kime, J Lewis lost 13-15; S Payling, K Germany, W Stevenson, L Payling lost 13-17; S Richards, D Rainsford, R Murphy, N Smith won 23-20; H Ward, C Parkin, B Patte, E Ward lost 10-47; J Asher, A Woodward, R Baxter, T Asher lost 15-24.

A1 Trophy

Grantham 144

Newark 78

J Asher, D Rainsford, T Asher won 27-12; L Appleyard, J McKee, M Appleyard lost 9-19; J Woods, M Bardon, D Lester, D Woods won 26-11; J Gowler, G Solesbury, K Solesbury, D Gowler won 19-10; S Richards, P Greer, R Murphy, R Turnbull won 27-11; Do Lester, I Ludwig, A Ludwig, I Lord won 36-15.

Jack High Competition

Barnstone 59

Bottesford 57

Barnstone names first – A Parker, J Parker, R Smith lost to J Parsons, B Hawes, A Palmer 16-17; J Hogg, S Wrate, G Taylor lost to P Palmer, J McLellan, R Hibbert 16-27; H McCandless, B Hogg, L Payling beat P Hewitt, R Murphy, R Turnbull 27-13.