BOWLS: Grantham to host national singles and pairs competitions

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Grantham Indoor Bowling Club is hosting two big matches on Sunday.

In the Men’s National Singles, K. Rand will take on M. Spencer, whilst in the Ladies’ National Pairs, Lincoln will play Spalding.

The action starts at 6pm.

Grantham competition results:

Ladies’ President 80

Men’s President 111

S. Richards, E. Meakins, P. Riches and P. Royce lost to M. LeHair, G. Parrish, J. Meakins and A. Berridge 9-18; L. Smith, L. Appleyard, J. Hall and S. Beardsley beat C. Tuckwood, B. Goodchild, J. Morris and I. Cole 21-13; J. Kime, M. Tivey, R. Murphy and R. Baxter lost to P. Hainsworth, R. Barrett, T. Asher and Jay Lewis 14-24; C. Davies, Ju Morris, E. Eggleton and G. Keasley lost to B. Marston, G. Goodley, J. Kime and N. Smith 13-14; M. Palmer, C. Pridmore, B. Patten and M. Goodchild lost to D. Abernethy, G. Hall, M. Appleyard and G. Smith 8-27; J. Asher, J. Hobbs, E. Hoare and B. Baxter drew with D. Rainsworth, S. Potts, N. Baxter and B. Sowerby 15-15.

Lincolnshire Over-60s

Grantham 97

Dunholme 105

T. Sumner, R. Smith, C. Goodley and B. Allen won 19-16; D. Abernethy, M. Brett, I. Cole and L. Payling lost 10-29; C. Jones, E. Ward, J. Kime and J. Lewis lost 14-23; W. Stevenson, R. Payne, C. Hall and R. Turnbull won 31-20; P. Jaques, N. Smith, T. Asher and I. Lord won 23-13.

Lincolnshire Men’s League

Grantham 111

Boston 71

M. LeHair, J. Meakins, J. Kime and W. Smith won 34-6; R. Barker, M. Parker, I. Cole and J. Stanfield lost 16-17; R. Lewis, B. Sowerby, B. Smith and Joe Lewis won 15-13;

P. Hainsworth, R. Barrett, M. Eurich and Jay Lewis won 35-14; T. Sumner, R. Payne, M. Carter and B. Allen lost 11-21.