BOWLS: Grantham triumph in Lincs League

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Lincolnshire EBA League

Grantham 75

Rushton 30

B Smith B Sowerby A Berridge T Berridge beat S Hodsen M Simmonds A Sellars C Blanchard 20-10, J Asher T Asher M Holby Joe Lewis beat J Palmer G Leeson G Melton D Graham 26-8, N Smith J Kime C Dexter B Veasey beat P Roe S Marlow D Brodie L Davies 29-12.

Freedom, Fellowship and Reform

Grantham 63

Wyndham Park 59

T Sumner T Asher Joe Lewis beat W Shores J Searle B Roberts 27-13, P Newton T Oxley B Veasey drew with M Heighton D Abernethy S Allcorn 19-19, R Sumner B Sowerby Jay Lewis lost to J Dawes S Dawes J Wyles 17-27.

ASC League

Grantham 45

Washingborough 57

T Asher B Hodder A Ludwig beat K Hall M Courtney N Martin 22-12, I Ludwig R Smith Joe Lewis lost to M Suckling G Boddy M Maitland 15-22, J Asher J Kime Jay Lewis lost to B Jackson P Suckling M Parker 8-23.

Grantham League

Three Wood

Vacu-Lug 68

Great Gonerby A 36

S. Davies, M. Parker and G. Taylor beat L. Lord, J. White and I. Lord 20-14; A. Newton, K. Streets and R. Tilley beat G. Hutton, D. Graham and B. Robinson 17-14; V. Wendon, I. Kettle and B. Allen beat J. Saxby, T. Smith and D. Holton 31-18.