BOWLS: Grantham triumph in three wood leagues

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Grantham League

Three wood

Grantham 85

Vacu-Lug 26

P Newton C Dexter B Veasey beat I Kettle P Armstrong P Balfe 27-11, T Sumner B Sowerby Joe Lewis beat C Streets K Streets R Tilley 30-8, R Sumner J Kime Jay Lewis beat V Wandon M Allen B Allen 28-7.

Grantham 73

Great Gonerby B 37

T Sumner C Dexter B Veasey lost to L Brankless J Prater P Edwards 16-18, R Sowerby M Bailey Jay Lewis beat P Gardner B Papworth P Jones 36-8, T Asher M Holby Joe Lewis beat M Halls L Turner K Turner 21-11.

Wyndham Park 49

Great Gonerby A 40

M. Heighton, T. Oxley and S. Allcorn beat L. Lord, J. White and I. Lord 18-17; R. Barnes, R. Williams and B. Shores beat G. Hutton, D. Graham and M. Massingham 15-12; G. Hasnip, G. Durham and J. Wyles beat J. Saxby, T. Smith and D. Holton 16-11.

Two wood

Vacu-Lug 67

Swayfield 52

I. Kettle, K. Streets and P. Balfe beat J. Huckerby, I. Richardson and R. Selby 18-14; C. Streets, D. Dickenson and G. Taylor lost to B. Marston, P. Armstrong and N. Davis 18-25; S. Davies, A. Stafford and C. Goodley beat R. Allitt, D. Ward and M. Lyon 31-13.

Belvoir League

Three wood

Grantham 73

Belvoir Vale 64

A Gostick B Patten Joe Lewis beat G Harrop J Lambert J Exton 18-10, J Asher M Bailey Jay Lewis beat B Birch M Britton S Cant 21-16, T Sumner T Asher W Johnson beat D Birch J Lambert L Pugh 27-14, I Ludwig J Kime A Ludwig lost to V Pugh J Shaw R Warrener 7-23.

Lincolnshire Men’s EBA

Grantham 67

Moorlands Railway 32

J Asher T Asher M Holby J Lewis beat B Jackman T Carling E Graves M Wright 24-9, B Smith M Bailey A Berridge T Berridge beat M Foster R Stamp M Clarke M Thompson 20-15, T Sumner N Smith C Dexter B Veasey beat P Sharpe F Sheppard P Hickman T Walker 23-8.

Lincolnshire ASC League

Grantham 72

Brant Road 24

J Asher M Bailey T Asher beat R West R Hughes D Roome 29-8, B Smith B Hodder Joe Lewis beat R Jones J Scott D Newell 30-6, I Ludwig R Smith A Ludwig beat G Bannister D Burnley M Peate 13-10.

Grantham 30

Long Bennington 62

J Duke R Smith Joe Lewis beat J Hall J Morris D Woods 14-13, I Ludwig B Hodder A Ludwig lost to S Dring E Bain M Dring 10-22, J Asher J Kime T Asher Lost to P Dallenby G Hall P Fordham 6-27.

l Grantham Bowling Club’s annual charity match will see Joe Lewis’s team take on that of Len Payling on Sunday at its Bowling Tree Lane green, starting at 2pm. Everyone welcome.


Corporation Doubles

Second round

J. Morris beat M. Lyon 22-19, L. Turner lost to Jay Lewis 8-20, D. Graham lost to P. Jones 11-12, A. Stafford beat ? 24-14.

Hutchinson Cup

Second round

T. Sumner beat M. Dawson 21-17, B. Papworth beat M. Durrands 21-10, G. Taylor beat M. Lyon 21-18, P. Edwards beat J. Simpson 21-5.

Hopkin Shield


R. Sumner beat C. Davis 21-17.

John Wallwork Trophy

First round

L. Blankley CON v C. Ainsworth AW, M. Durrands AW v J. Simpson CON.

Lee Trophy

Second round

Swayfield beat Gonerby 2nd 36-35, Bottesford beat Gonerby 45-27, Bottesford 2nd lost to Swayfield 2nd 22-46, Corby Glen lost to Colsterworth 22-36.