BOWLS: Latest news from Grantham’s indoor club

Bowls news.
Bowls news.
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Grantham Indoor Bowls Club play Spalding in the Egam Trophy this Sunday, a competition with two rinks at home and two away.

Then from 2pm, the club is hosting the Lincolnshire Vice-President versus The Fire Service match.


Denny Cup

Grantham 78

Melton Mowbray 62

J Meakins F Evans R Hibbert M Pulling lost to C Voce G Moore R Waklin D Welch 17-15; M LeHair J Kime N Smith Jay Lewis beat R Barnwell N Curtis G Kidney P White 32-4; R Lewis B Allen Joe Lewis N Orrey lost to S Tubbs R Giblett J Orton I White 16-19; I Cole J Morris M Eurich T Berridge lost to J Butener T Warrener N Bass M Warrington 13-24.

Jack High

Vacu-Lug 43

Long Bennington 43

M Parker J Franklin M Eurich beat J Hoole Tb Hoole P Fordham 19-12; R Barker M Allen P Musson lost to K Kent T Kent G Hall 12-15; I Richardson H Mumby B Allen lost to G Creedy J Hall J Orrey 12-16.

Bottesford 37

Bingham A 77

J Waterall J McClean M Wakefield lost to P Greer J Tyler I Cole 7-24; V Palmer S Barnes R Hibbert lost to C Hodgson P Hurnsby S Moncaster 17-34; J Russell D Millington (player short) lost to V Wilkinson J Aspinall B Morris 13-19.

Sencit League

Barnstone 42

Dysart Park 63

H McCandless R Spencer P Greer L Payling lost to J Waterall B Cox R Dingley A Briggs 9-19; D Hazard J Hogg R Morley J McCandless lost to L Bainbridge J Hobbs R Chesterton F Evans 19-24; P Jacques W Snowdon R Smith J Parker lost to M Barrett L Thompson A Collins R Barrett 14-20.

Grantham 45

Long Bennington 39

J Wyles D Lester P Royce J Kime drew with J Hoole Ju Morris T Hoole P Fordham 13-13; Ju Baker G Solesbury K Solesbury P Hainsworth drew with K Kent T kent J Morris M Dring 16-16; C Kime L Appleyard J Baker M Appleyard beat S Creedy J Hall G Creedy G Hall 16-10.


Grantham 60

Melton Mowbray 72

L Appleyard J Baker M Appleyard lost to K Renshaw R Higgs E Radford 8-12; L Smith J Burton G Smith beat K Toon D Hudson N Evatt 16-13; J Baker R Moore G Hall lost to D Renshaw V James B James 15-20; J Asher P Burton T Asher beat M Shaw B Shaw C Thompson 15-12; J Hall S Potts F Evans lost to P Harris R Thorpe L Woodcock 6-15.