BOWLS: Men win Grantham inter-presidential match

All the presidents' men (and women).
All the presidents' men (and women).
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Grantham and District Indoor Bowling Club inter-presidential match was closely fought out, but eventually won by the team of Men’s President M. LeHair.


Ladies’ President G Solesbury 102

Men’s President M LeHair 114

J Potts J Asher L Smith G Keasley lost to N Baxter R Barrett R Hibbert N Smith 20-26, D Lester G Solesbury M Barrett S Beardsley lost to J Tinkley D Lester M LeHair J Lewis 9-23, J Hobbs M Hope E Hoare R Baxter lost to D Abernethy S Potts R Ottley J Hope 10-18, J Hall P Greer A Eslick B Patten drew C Tuckwood K Solesbury M Appleyard R Sowerby 14-14, J Kime K Aldridge P Riches P Royce beat P Hainsworth C Robinson R Payne J Kime 22-20, L Appleyard E Eggleston C Miller C Ottley beat T Asher J Eslick G Hall G Smith 27-13.

Sencit League

Long Bennington 47

Dysart Park 57

M Tivey T Hoole G Hall D Woods lost to M Barrett G Kemp S Potts I Lord 14-16, J Orrey J Morris J Hall M Dring lost to J Waterall R Chesterton L Thompson R Barrett 15-23, R Baxter G Creedy J Morris N Smith drew with L Bainbridge J Eslick B Cox F Evans 18-18.

Grantham 65

Arnoldfield 35

I Ludwig P Hainsworth A Ludwig S Beardsley beat J Gowler J Harley B Marston D Gowler 19-14, L Appleyard D Lester K Noble M Appleyard beat J Burton D Slade L Smith G Smith 16-13, J Kime J Baker B Hollingworth Jeff Kime beat K Germany A Eslick P Burton G Parrish 30-8.

Lincolnshire Over-60s

Grantham 73

Skegness 98

T Sumner R Smith N Smith I Cole lost to J Thorold B Croft R Witherington M Holland 13-21, C Richardson P Clarke M Appleyard D Hill beat G Facey G Hill P Sharpe B Foxon 19-18, P Hainsworth P Jaques G Hall R Turnbull lost to A Bradds F Mumby K Law M Moore 11-18, R Payne P Robinson T Asher I Lord lost to M Thorold S Foley P Hopkins R Rout 19-22, D Abernethy R Barrett J Kime J Lewis lost to G White P Hill K Findley R Rankin 11-19.


Grantham 111

Boston 111

P Greer D McCarroll S Potts B Shores lost to J Currie A Franklin R Druce J Keith 17-22, I Ludwig R Baxter A Ludwig lost to D Harrison A Limb G Neal 9-24, K Germany/G Hasnip/half game L Smith J Lewis beat J Coulson A Martin C Britchford 25-12, J Asher D Ashdown T Asher lost to M Daubney C Jakobson H Scarborough 17-18, J Potts T Gostick G Hall G Smith beat P Barne J Coulsaw J Smith C Nundly 26-11, C McCarroll T Saward J Hall D Woods lost to C Jakobson B Daubney M Nundley G Scarborough 17-24.