BOWLS: Park beat Bennington in Grantham Jack High League

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Jack High League

Wyndham Park 48

Long Bennington 36

R Gyles S Dawes I Lord drew D Ashdown D Woods G Hall 13-13, P Gallagher J Searle R Claxton beat T Kent G Creedy P Fordham 19-8, D Slade P Burton S Allcorn beat K Kent E Eggleston N Smith 16-15.

Vac-Lug 67

Barnstone 30

M Allen V Wendon M Eurich beat R Spencer H McCandless J McCandless 18-7, I Richardson J Franklin M Parker beat J Parker S Wrate R Smith 21-14, M Carter A Stafford B Allen beat L Payling T Berridge C Jones 28-9.

Lincolnshire Men’s League

Grantham 118

Boston 82

P Hainsworth R Barrett M Bailey Jay Lewis beat A Collin R Riseborough R Markham P Stringfellow 26-12, M Carter B Allen J Meakins J Lewis lost to R Cooper T Nixon S Todd K Nix 15-18, M Le Hair I Cole C Dexter A Berridge beat B Exton N Whitmore K Stone M Brown 32-14, B Smith J Russell J Kime M Eurich beat A Warne A Donnington A Smith B Vinter 24-20, R Sowerby R Ottley J Hope N Smith beat J Stray J Millerchip M Hippersley B Thompson 21-18.

Lincolnshire Men’s Over-60s

Grantham 106

Dunholme 92

P Hainsworth R Barrett R Payne M Eurich beat J Smith B Bowler D Kamen G Picksley 22-12, C Richardson P Robinson T Asher I Lord lost to R Joyce A Dines B Handford R Audis 19-20, B Allen N Smith J Kime J Lewis lost to J Leslie D Skipworth T Winterlish F Elkington 17-22, T Sumner R Smith B Veasey C Dexter beat J Kent B Melton P Burgess K Woffinden 32-12, C Jones P Clarke G Hall D Hill lost to J Croucher C Ryan C Brown A Wood 16-26.

Lincolnshire Mixed League

Grantham 81

Louth 104

J Burton D McCarroll P Riches B Marston lost to R Stanley M Cooper B Jordon R Barrow 8-33, G Kemp P Burton R Baxter D Woods lost to A Birchall S Robinson B Culham D Stringer 11-21, P Greer G Saward P Robinson I Cole lost to V Readman J Baker B Toyn J Readman 15-18, C McCarroll C Ottley R Ottley J Hope beat D Culham P Thornton R Jackson P Stainton 22-15, T Sumner R Sumner L Smith G Smith beat M Barker P Morley J Dawson K Hasnip 25-17.

l A couple of big games at Grantham and District Indoor Bowling Club next week will see South Shields take on Beccles in the semi-finals of the Denny Plate competition on March 10, whilst Yorkshire play Suffolk in the Double Rink National Under-25s on March 11.