Bowls results from the Grantham area

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Grantham League


Gonerby A 39

Swayfield 59

Gonerby names first – L. Lord, P. Cooper and M. Massingham lost to M. Lyon, R. Halsey and T. Harwood 13-22; J. Saxby, W. Sneddon and R. Childs lost to I. Richardson, R. Selby and H. Mumby 14-19; S. Calvert, D. Holton and I. Lord lost to M. Sharp, B. Marston and N. Davis 12-18. Vacu-Lug B 51

Swayfield 59

Vacu-Lug names first – P. Riches, S. Davies and S. Odams beat A. Smith, M. Lyon and T. Harwood 23-18; J. Williamson, D. Cryer and C. Abbott lost to I. Richardson, J. Huckerby and H. Mumby 8-29; V. Cryer, P. Armstrong and I. Kettle beat M. Sharp, B. Marston and N. Davis 20-12.

Friday League

Vacu-Lug 99

Grantham 57

Vacu-Lug names first – A. Parker, R. Atter and J. Franklin beat J. Asher, D. Rainsford and T. Asher 27-11; W. Leadman, C. Stafford and A. Blackburn beat B. Patten, J. Duke and A. Curtis 19-12; C. Taylor and B. Allen beat B. Hodder and D. Pimm 26-10; P. Musson and B. McLean beat R. Sumner and C. Jackson 27-14.

Lincs ASC

St Giles 55

Grantham 41

St Giles names first – D. Skayman, D. Scanebrook and C. Wood lost to J. Asher, R. Smith and T. Asher 15-17; M. Bower, T. Slaith and A. Weir beat B. Hodder, M. Healey and T. Oxley 27-11; B. Wright, Den Skayman and R. Day drew with D. Rainsford, D. Pimm and Jay Lewis 13-13.

Hospital Bowl

Dysart Park 64

Grantham 49

P. Newton, A. N. Other and M. Holby beat B. Hodder, R. Sumner and J. Duke 29-5; J. McAtter and C. Dexter beat D. Rainsford and Jay Lewis 17-9; S. Yates, L. Thompson, C. Bland and J. Sayer lost to T. Sumner, T. Gostick, B. Smith and Joe Lewis 11-15; D. Warren and B. Veasey lost to L. Anderson and W. Brunton 7-18.