BOWLS: Vale of Belvoir team wins first match of series

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Belvoir League

The Vale of Belvoir bowling team defeated the League of Country Bowling Clubs in the first of a series of four matches.

Vale of Belvoir’s victory was by a very slim margin, 90 shots to 88, with each team winning three rinks.

The next match will be at Knipton next Sunday.

Belvoir League


Harlaxton 117

Bottesford 71

Harlaxton names first – K. Smith, F. Rivers and D. Hill beat P. Hewitt, S. Reeh and R. Barney 38-6; M. Nix, P. Johnson and C. Johnson beat M. Payne, R. Payne and A. Palmer 31-15; R. Barker, J. Barker and P. McHugh beat J. Millington, P. Goodson and L. Hamer 29-17; M. Laws, T. Asher and P. Clark lost to B. Hawes, B. Shores and M. Emmo 33-19.


Harlaxton 72

Long Bennington 71

Harlaxton names first – G. Raistrick, T. Asher and K. Smith beat S. Griffith, L. Halshere and R. Simpson 19-11; P. McHugh, P. Johnson and C. Johnson beat J. Rorrey, S. Marrs and P. Dallaway 19-15; M. Palmer, A. Newton and P. Clark lost to R. Cay, J. Orrey and P. Croffah 25-16; M. Nix, E. Clark and M. Laws lost to P. Halshere, J. Connoey and N. Smith 20-18.

Grantham League


Grantham 64

Vacu-Lug B 34

Grantham names first – D. Rainsford, L. Anderson and Joe Lewis beat B. Carter, I. Kettle and M. Allen 28-14; R. Sumner, T. Sumner and N. Smith beat S. Tilley, F. Atter and C. Abbott 15-11; K. Whatmore, T. Asher and Jay Lewis beat D. Williamson, I. Robotham and S. Odams 21-9.

Freedom & Fellowship

First leg

Swayfield 67

Grantham 83

Swayfield names first – B. Cooper, R. Selby and W. Flowers drew 16-16 with R. Sumner, D. Rainsford and N. Smith; J. Bainbridge, B. Marston and S. Harwood beat B. Hooper, T. Gostick and T. Oxley 18-13; I. Richardson, M. Sharp and N. Davis beat J. Asher, J. Duke and Jay Lewis 20-18; M. Lyon and M. Mumby lost to T. Sumner, T. Asher and Joe Lewis 13-36.

Lincs ASC

Long Bennington A 64

Grantham 46

Long Bennington names first – A. Ripley, J. Morris and N. Smith lost to J. Asher, D. Rainsford and T. Asher 15-21; J. R. Orrey, J. Orrey and M. Dring beat D. Pimm, J. Duke and Joe Lewis 20-17; P. Griffith, P. Dalloway and D. Woods beat B. Hodder, R. Smith and Jay Lewis 29-8.

National Two Fours

Grantham 32

St Giles 41

Grantham names first – T. Berridge, L. Anderson, J. Stanfield and A. Brunton lost to N. East, J. Withers, B. Day and I. Walker 21-14; B. Smith, T. Sumner, Joe Lewis and N. Orrey lost to D. Skayman, J. Bean, S. Clark and C. Barks 20-18.

Corporation Doubles

M. Lyon lost to Jay Lewis 23-12, A. Stafford AW v K. Lilley CON, J. Simpson lost to R. Lewis 26-14, G. Taylor CON v A. Blackburn AW.

Hutchinson Cup

G. Taylor beat A. Blackburn 21-6.