BOWLS: Weekly results round-up from Grantham area

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Grantham League


Grantham 80

Swayfield 72

Grantham name first – J. Patten, R. Barnes and J. Duke lost to B. Marston, J. Nuckerry and W. Flower 16-27; A. Gostick and D. Pimm beat R. Halsey and H. Mumby 22-17; A. Curtis and P. Harby beat M. Lyon and N. Davis 18-13; B. Patten, R. Sumner and B. Sowerby beat J. Kopp, J. Bainbridge and T. Harwood 24-15.


Grantham 67

Gonerby A 34

Grantham names first – R. Sumner, A. Curtis and P. Harby beat D. Morrison, D. Holton and M. Massingham 23-16; J. Duke, T. Asher and Jay Lewis beat T. Smith, I. Lord and R. Childs 21-9; J. Asher, T. Sumner and N. Smith beat L. Lord, M. Durrant and K. Wilson 23-9.

Lincs ASC

Grantham 55

Brant Road 55

J. Asher, B. Patten and T. Asher lost 16-28; J. Duke, B. Sowerby and Jay Lewis lost 10-19; D. Pimm, T. Oxley and Joe Lewis won 29-8.

Grantham & District Bowls Association

Lee Trophy

First round

Great Gonerby AW v Corby Glen 2nd CON, Swayfield AW v Long Bennington CON, Long Bennington 2nd lost to Dysart Park 17-43, Colsterworth beat Bottesford 2nd 48-24, Great Gonerby 2nd beat Corby Glen 62-17, Grantham AW v Arnoldfield CON, Vacu-Lug 2nd lost to Bottesford 12-55, Vacu-Lug 35 Swayfield 2nd 24.

Fellowship of Freedom and Reform

First round

Vacu-Lug beat Grantham 88-28, Corby Glen lost to Great Gonerby 54-103, Swayfield lost to Dysart Park 66-117.

l Grantham Outdoor Bowls Club hosts a match between Lincolnshire Ladies and Derbyshire Ladies on Tuesday (June 24), starting at 1pm.