BOWLS: Wyndham Park prevail over Grantham in Jack High competition

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Jack High

Grantham 38

Wyndham Park 39

T Sumner P Riches J Lewis beat N Panting J Searle P Claxton 16-12, P Hainsworth R Sowerby J Kime beat G Burton P Burton S Allcorn 23-5, C Wellborne T Asher A Berridge lost to R Giles S Dawes I Lord 9-22.

Bottesford 38

Vacu-Lug 70

M Barnes M Warriner J Russell beat M Carter A Stafford B Allen 17-15, L Wigley V Birtles N Osbourn lost to M Eurich M Allen V Wendon 10-19, G Owen B Hawes R Hibbert lost to J Richardson J Franklin M Parker 11-36.

Bingham B 57

Knipton 48

B Davey A Cullen K Handley lost to B Wadsworth A Ripley P Sheardown 10-23, T Peterson K Hackett P Thornhill beat J Baker J Baker B Hollingworth 29-8, Jaques A Brailsford K Brailsford beat D Abernethy L Smith G Smith 18-17.

Barnstone 31

Grantham 71

W Snowdon H McCandless J McCandless lost to J Asher T Asher J Lewis 10-25, L Payling T Berridge C Jones lost to T Sumner R Sumner Jay Lewis 10-18, J Hogg J Parker R Smith lost to P Hainsworth M Bailey J Kime 11-28.

Lincolnshire Men’s League

Grantham 117

Skegness 80

P Hainsworth R Barrett M Bailey Jay Lewis beat M Thorold S Folby P McPignes L Wight 29-15, M Carter B Allen J Meakins J Lewis beat R Brommitt B Croft P Ord B Mumm 29-7, M LeHair P Robinson C Dexter A Berridge drew A Brooks R Good K Lawes M McLore 15-15, B Smith J Russell J Kime M Eurich lost to K Findley D Land T Walker B Foxon 20-21, T Sumner J Hope R Ottley N Smith beat J Thorold R Houlgraves F Mumby M Holland 24-22.

Sencit League

Long Bennington 52

Grantham 67

M Dring R Baxter G Miller N Smith lost to I Ludwig P Hainsworth A Ludwig S Beardsley 15-23, Ju Morris R Miller J Morris P Fordham beat P Sheardown B Hollingworth J Kime P Royce 22-18, K Kent C Creedy J Hall D Woods lost to L Appleyard D Lester P McGoldrick M Appleyard 15-26.

Barnstone 62

Dysart Park 40

J Hogg H McCandless D Hazard L Payling beat G Kemp S Potts B Shores I Lord 36-12, R Spencer R Morley J Parker R Smith drew J Waterall J Hobbs L Thompson R Barrett 12-12, P Jaques P Greer A Cullen P Robinson lost to L Bainbridge B Cox A Collins L Bainbridge 14-16.

l Grantham and District Bowling Club hosts the School of Excellence for county junior bowlers from 10am on Sunday. Spectators welcome.


Grantham 118

Boston 81

M Culpin S Potts B Patten B Shores lost to D Harrison C Jackbson G Garine K Nix 14-22, J Burton D Ashdown R Baxter D Woods beat M Smith D Staples J Stray H Scarborough 19-14, K Germany N Tinkler G Hasnip G Smith lost to M Goringe A Smith C Mundy G Neal 13-27, T Saward J Potts G Saward L Smith beat C Jackobson P O’Callaghan T Marshall N Harrison 24-13, A Robinson C Robinson P Riches J Lewis beat J Coulson M Nunby P Weaver G Scarborough 32-9, J Hobbs D Hobbs P Greer P Burton beat T Coulson R Cooper A Warne C Britchford 16-15.