DARTS: Angie is star of Grantham awards night

Angie Emms collects the Ladies' A Singles trophy from LDO president John Stanton.
Angie Emms collects the Ladies' A Singles trophy from LDO president John Stanton.
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Star of Grantham and District Darts League’s awards night was Angie Emms who scooped seven trophies on the night.

Angie collected awards for Ladies’ A League winner, Ladies’ A Team Knockout winner, Ladies’ A Singles winner, Mixed Pairs winner, Ladies’ A Doubles runner-up, Ladies’ A 180 Trophy, and Highest Score in a Final.

Royal Queen A retained the A League winner’s title for the fifth consecutive year.

The awards presentation was held at the Westgate Club with prizes presented by president of Lincolnshire County Darts Organisation John Stanton. MC for the evening was Dave Pearsoon and Pip Leadenham scored matches all night.

Awards, Competition Play: Men’s A and B League Doubles - 1 M. Parke and K. Baker (Billiard Club), 2 K. Bristow and L. Humphries (Woolsthorpe Club); Men’s C and D League Doubles - 1 A. Haynes and D. Greengrass (Stag), 2 M. Haynes and E. Freestone (Grantham FC B); Mixed Pairs - 1 A. Emms and R. Selby (Three Gables), 2 L, Jackson and D. Virden (Westgate Club); Ladies’ A League Doubles - 1 M. Jones and A. Dodwell (Three Gables A), 2 A. Emms and A. Hardy (Three Gables C); Ladies’ B League Doubles - 1 J. Reece and R. Turner (Railway B), 2 A. Brocklesby and S. Lawson (Three Gables B); Men’s A and B League Singles - 1 A. Preston (Royal Queen B), 2 B. Harrison (Gonerby A); Men’s C and D. League Singles - 1 B. Thorpe (Ropsley Fox), 2 J. Webster (Electric Club); Ladies’ A League Singles - 1 A. Emms (Three Gables C), 2 E. Prince (Three Gables A); Ladies’ B League Singles - 1 R. Turner (Railway B), 2 A. Dowsett (Railway B).

Competition Presentation: Mixed Fours - 1 Westgate Club, 2 Gonerby Club; Mixed Sixes - 1 Three Gables, 2 Railway Club; Men’s A and B League Team Knockout - 1 Royal Queen A, 2 Harrowby FC; Men’s C and D Team Knockout - 1 Hunters C, 2 Stagger; Ladies A League Team Knockout - 1 Three Gables C, 2 Westgate Club; Ladies’ B League Team Knockout - 1 Colsterworth Club, 2 Railway C.

Highest Score in a Final: ladies’ - 140 A. Emms; men’s - 180 J. Baker.

180 Winners: Ladies’ A League - A. Emms, M. McInnes, A. Dodwell (Three Gables), C. Johnson (Stagger), J. Smith (Electric Club); Ladies’ B League - J. Drury (Electric Club A), T. Wesson (Royal Queen A); Men’s A League - 3 A. Preston (Royal Queen B); Men’s B League - 2 I. Mann (Springfield A); Men’s C League - 3 B. Thorpe (Ropsley Fox); Men’s D League - M. Glover, J. Baxter (Castlegate), C. Nicholson, S. Foster (Electric E), J. Wacey (Grantham FC B), P. Bennett (White Lion), J. Brompton (Three Gables B), B. Newcombe (Hunters B).

League Presentations: Men’s A League - 1 Royal Queen A, 2 Gonerby Club A; Men’s B League - 1 Billiard Club A, 2 Billiard Club B; Men’s C League - 1 Stagger, 2 Hunters C; Men’s D League - 1 Three Gables A, 2 Kings Hotel; Ladies’ A League - 1 Three Gables C, 2 Westgate Club; Ladies’ B League - 1 Railway B, 2 Railway C.

Highest finishes: Ladies’ A League - 117 W. Short (Westgate Club); Ladies’ B League - 90 C. Charnock (Railway C); Men’s A League - 160 K. Bristow (Woolsthorpe Club); Men’s B League - 152 S. Gurd (Electric B); Men’s C League - 130 D. Pinchbeck (Stagger); Men’s D League - 127 J. Hill (Hunters B).